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SV650S Streetfighter project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Right!

    I came off my Ps on Sep 8th and my aim was always to have an upgrade by the end of the year. I cleared all my debts an was ready to start saving. I gave my self a budget of about 8k

    Not long after that a 05 SV650s came up for sale on gumtree, a repairable writeoff. I had really been leaning towards a naked bike in the preceding few weeks and after looking at a few pics of SV streetfighters online, and after getting some advice from you good people, i bought it.

    I've got most of the parts I need now and I'll detail the project here.


  2. This is what I'm starting with.

    05 SV650S repairable writeoff.

    - Front fairing completely gone including headlight, dash, clutch cable, not really a problem seeing as i'm turning it into a streetfighter
    - Tank badly dinged with rust where the paint has come off.
    - A couple more scuffs, one on the left fork, one just below the seat, nothing too serious. As far as I can make out, the forks are dead on.


  3. Aaaaand some of the parts I've gotten so far:

    Entire headlight unit from a Yamaha xt660, Sydney City Motorcycles


    LED blinkers for front and rear, fleabay
    (note to self, find out where to get a relay!)


    Bar end mirrors, again fleabay. Very surprised with the excellent quality


    Fender eliminator direct from Hamicad in the UK. Relatively pricey but great build quality.


    Vapor gauge direct from TrailTech. Won't be doing that again, they're much cheaper elsewhere for some reason. Hindsight is a great thing

  4. Some other thoughts
    - Need to decide on a colour scheme. Think I will just stick with a deep black. Suggestions welcome.

    - Have also ordered a Leo Vince slip on from the US which should be here soon.

    - Meant to stick with clip-ons but there isn't enough clearance with that windshield. I'll either trim it, or I may go to bars.

    - Will upgrade the brake lines but can't buy until I decide if i'm getting rid of the clip-ons.

    Immediate work to be done is to fit the new clutch cable, fix the brake lines and rig the headlight without the fairing or shield so that I can get the bike re-registered and wont have to worry about costs when I need to start bringing it places to have work done.

    Unfortunately I have no experience or equipment when it comes to fabrication so any bits and pieces will have to be done professionally. Have been looking at extreme creations in Brookvale (Northern Beaches) if anyone has any feedback about them.

    My poor credit card.
  5. I'm not sure if this is what you're after.. but

    They're just resistors so that you can use the factory relays for indicators, getting new relays seem to be about $80 for a set

    Also I vote for either Black with gold trim (bit cliché though), or Black with red trim as the colour.

    Gotta get some engine bars too (as attached.. but maybe not quite that big)

    And lots and lots of pics :)

    [edit]: Just found these on google.. sv650 style engine bars:
    Much nicer

    Attached Files:

  6. Looking good, I bagsy a ride after its complete =D
  7. This is interesting. The Vapor has some red bits on some of the fittings and when I saw them I was did think bout having some red accents on her to complement the black and aluminium.
  8. yea no bother mate.

    actually, if you're any good with a tig/mig/paint gun/wrench i can think of a few ways you could cement your position ;)
  9. Quick mock-up of what the front will look like.


    A thought struck me today.

    Buying a cheapish vehicle, modifying it with add-ons which are worth quite a lot in comparison to the value of the bike, add-ons that are really just for looks or sound (bellypan, exhaust)....

    Am I *gulp* any better than the honda civic owners with huge spoilers and paint can exhausts that I sneer at?!
  10. If you still have the original indicator relay the cheapest option is to buy a couple of resistors from Jaycar - probably less than $10 and just wire them in parallel with the lamps.

    Otherwise, +1 for black/red, -10000000 for engine bars unless you want to stunt the bike and think you might actually use them!

    Sounding like a nice little project though, keep the updates coming.

    Oh, and have a look at RatedR Parts on eBay - his name is Steve, he's based in Perth, has heaps of stuff and can do deals if you order a few things at a time.
  11. Engine bars would be beaut. Don't worry about spending too much on it, if you're creative there's plenty of options. Oh, and get rid of that nancy screen.
  12. Not sure about the engine bars, will have to wait anyway but will keep them in mind.

    Won't be losing the screen either. I'm going for something like this:
  13. Thanks for the comments though!
  14. Right so what have I been doing?

    I booked a blue slip for Friday to give me a bit of a deadline. I had a few things to get through.

    - Front end wiringm (headlight, indicators, wiring of gauges)
    - Front brakes
    - Mounting of headlight and gauge

    I still haven't resolved my handlebar issue so I just needed to get everything wired up and mounted in a temporary way but in such a way that everything was secure enough to pass the blue slip.

    First I had to replace a cracked piece of plastic which connects the master cylinder to the reservoir. Bought an external circlip pliers without realising that I needed an internal one (I didn't know the difference at the time) so two trips to the hardware store and I was ready to go.

  15. Next I had to figure out a way of jerry rigging the aftermarket gauge.

    I had a look around a good look at the front of the bike and took a trip to a hardware store to see if I could find some cheap, narrow strip metal with holes in it. I figured i could run some around the ignition barrel and use the supplied bracket attached to that. Keep in mond this was just so I could pass the blue slip, the finished product was never meant to be this ghetto!

    luckily I didn't find what I wanted but what I did get was a U bolt. I borrowed some tamper proof torx bits from the garage up the road, whipped out the barrel, and then combined the U bolt, some rubber washers and the supplied bracket to come up with what I've pictured below. It's not half bad! I might even keep it as the headlight is going to cover it anyway.


  16. Wiring!

    Well, I did electronic eng in uni so I decided to undertake this myself!

    I've got a pic of the headlight earlier in the thread, as well as the LED indicators.

    I've pored over the bike schematic for the last week and drawn a million wiring diagrams. 3 trips to Jaycar to get all the stuff I needed, a day of soldering and messing with connectors aaaaaand tonight I plugged it all in and it worked first time!

    There's something up with the indicator switch so I'll have a look at that tomorrow but I know they're wired up right because the hazards work perfectly.

    What are the odds?!


  17. Tasks for tomorrow to prepare for the blue slip:

    - Mirrors
    - Mount headlight
    - Indicator switch (please be simple!)
    - Brake fluid

    Fingers crossed!
  18. Bike is looking good mate. I don't suppose you have a part number for the headlight unit? I have searched on line but none of the part lists even list an XT660. Also can I ask how much you paid for it?

  19. It's coming along nicely.
  20. The part numbers are all listed here:

    I paid 700 for:
    - Headlight unit
    - Fairly substantial bracket
    - Headlight fairing
    - Screen
    - fasteners

    A bit excessive but I saw the image above and I wanted it! I had put a cretain budgeet aside for the bike and it fit in with that ok!