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Featured Sv650s r/r failure

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by canca87, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. My version of events...

    Here I was on Monday morning, running late for work as usual. I go to start up the bike and feel that it’s a bit lazy and slow to start; make a mental note to check the charge when I get home but other than that I think nothing of it.

    Now, I have a 38km ride to work and most of that is along the Eastern Freeway getting to Melbourne CBD. All is going well, just like any other morning until… I get to the end of the Eastern Freeway. There is the usual slow moving traffic getting on to Alexandra Parade. So I whip in between the cagers and start idling up to the first set of lights when all of a sudden the bike goes dead. No lights, no starter, not even the digital odometer!

    Next thing I knew the lights went green and all the cars started taking off around me while I’m there stranded in the middle. Luckily someone saw my struggle and left me some room to walk my bike to the sidewalk. Once I got off I got a good whiff of the problem. A pungent electrical burning smell coming from the regulator area and a dead battery… So much for getting to work on time! I was 3 hours late after I had to secure the bike and walk to the Smith St trams.

    Anyway, later that night I drive back to the city with my wife and a fully charged bike battery. I knew I could get the bike home on a full battery without the R/R operating, and I did (it was comforting having the car nearby to rescue me if the bike didn’t make it home!). Once home I took the regulator/rectifier off the bike and sure enough, it was toast. There were burnt components melting out the back of it. I do wonder how long it had been failing for.

    New r/r is on the way. I went with the recommended FH008 from a CBR1000, so all going well I should be back on the road in a few weeks. :)
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  2. Overly bright lights is a good sign ( a bad sign really) that it is going belly up in the R/R dept.
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