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SV650s Not for me I think but a good bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scorpious31, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I went to one of the local Dealers that I have been frequenting in my search for an upgrade.I have seen /sat on ect so many my heads spinning.
    He agreed to let me take a Suzuki SV 650s home as a test ride since I had short listed it.
    Well the power and response was great but I found that after 45 minutes my wrist started to hurt and doing 100kph for 10 minutes my shoulders started to burn.

    Stopping was also a problem as being only 5 ft 4 with short legs and arms I was balancing on almost tip toes and kept banging my lower leg on the foot peg when putting my one foot down.

    A little disheartened with the exercise and I think I should stick with the cruisers

    I can’t fault the bike, 2001 model. From what I see is just a size and position of my own build that has held me from this great bike.I didn’t feel right in the position with me over the tank and my legs under me.

    If anyone has comments or ideas for a bike above 500cc and below 1100 for a vertically challenged rider I would like to hear them. Unfortunately a new one is out of the question.

    If this post is anywhere else I apologise.I thought I had submitted it then couldnt find it by looking and doing a search so I am doing it again.
  2. OK - lots of 'not so tall' peoples on here ride bikes without getting feet flat to the ground. But, it is a challenge - as i'm finding with my SV650S.
    Of course you can get the bike lowered, sculpt the seat, etc.
    You could look at the Ducati Monster - around the 780mm seat height & a more upright sitting position (which the naked SV650 also has)
    And you could stick with a cruiser ......... either way they're all V-twins :wink:
  3. You can get the bike lowered or get the seat padding reduced... there are a few options. Don't let a small thing like height (no pun intended) keep you away from sportier bikes; they're a whole load more fun & challenging than cruisers, and handle much much better. They give you a lot more skills to learn and improve - its essentially what motorcycling is all about.

    There are threads that recommend bike for the more vertically challenged riders; do a search. In fact, i recall there was even a website with a list of bikes.

    As for the burning shoulders, you'll get ur ergonomics right after a while of riding the bike. You should hold yourself up from the knees and squeezing the tank, not with your arms. The arms & shoulders should be totally relaxed. This is all good in theory, but in practice harder to implement- again its about the whole learning experience.

    Goodluck in ur search!
  4. If you don't like the riding position of the SV650S have a ride on the SV650. It has a more upright and comfortable riding position that all the reviews say is 10x more comfortable than the riding position of the S model.
  5. BlackBetty, Did you find the riding posi on the sv650s a bit of a pain? I'm really liking what I'm hearing about this bike except that everyone's complaining about wrist soreness.
    Being an incredible pansy, this might be an issue...
  6. I didn't particularly like my SV650S, I bought a 2000 model and had difficulties with the riding position and feeling like I was sitting over the tank and pressure on the wrists especially going downhill. You can counteract this a bit with gripping the tank with your knees, but it still felt weird to me! This combined with the front forks needing to be stiffened ended in me changing bikes... but I am sure the newer models would be different :) You could always get the straight SV650 as the S model has a more aggressive rididng position.. or get a Ducati Monster *cough cough* :wink: :)
  7. But ironically, every review recommends the S model first...

    Consider an ER6n. They are new unfortunately... How much of a hurry are you in? A bit softer than the SV650.

    Also consider the Sachs 650 Roadster. Again, good luck finding one used (but they are only $8-9000 new), but they have such a sweet riding position, and are pretty low. I sat on one straight after sitting on an ER-5 and it was much lower and felt significantly lighter! That's awesome design.

    As soon as I get my full licence, I've got to go ask for a test ride on a roadster. They look so much fun.
  8. or go for the hyosung GT650S... more upright position, adjustable pegs, easily lowered, and - at 5'4'' - it fits me fine!!

    have had it cruising at an easy 125 for extended periods (I'm naughtee!!!) and have had no pain... and I'm a big wuss!!!!!
  9. All I can say is get on the naked model of the sv and see what ya think then. The bike is bullet proof been around for ages and has a very loyal following of riders. The whole wrist thing is probably rider error for the most part as your not supposed to have any weight on your wrists (super bike school). Make sure in the end that you get a bike that suits your riding needs and comfort levels cause trading bikes all the time will leave ya with a big hole in your hip pocket.
  10. Yeah, riding position is what puts me off SV650s as well. It is apparently possible to put higher handlebars on and it helps a fair bit. It is also possible to lower the seat. But all of this means more work and more expenses.
    Some options were already mentioned:

    SV650 is more comfortable to sit on, but then it is naked.

    Hyonsung 'tourer' is a good value with extra bags and heated grips now thrown in for the same price of 8-something thousand... but it is a Hyosung. And if I the specs I read were right and not a misprint, for some reason it has a 5-speed gearbox while the others in their 650cc range have 6-speed. Curious!

    My favourite choice at the moment is ER-6f. Lower seat, nice riding position, the bike feels very compact. Fairing at least as good as Suzuki's... comparable price! What's not to like?
  11. I had the same issues when I test rode the SV1000S and the SV1000 (which are very similar obviously).

    The S model was too lent over for comfortable riding and the naked model was annoyingly windy and unprotected from the elements.

    I'm really not sure why Suzuki have put a sports riding position on a bike that's really an all rounder, but I'm sure it's limiting the sales to at least some extent (it's also the main reason I bought a Bandit 1200S instead, so I suppose they didn't lose my sale technically).
  12. I haven't had a problem with wrists hurting as such - but hands getting pins & needles! Think its 'cos of the position of my hands is pulling my gloves tight so conciously try to adjust them a little. I also find I tend to lean on the tank a bit rather than put weight onto my wrists as have probs with the right wrist/elbow on the VTR. This may be an issue on longer rides as I've yet to spend a whole day on the bike. Also saw an SV650S at Cornering School which had the more upright bars put on & lower seat - girl had done 20+ thousand ks on it & was more than happy.
  13. I hear you there!!!
    I'm also 5 ft 4 with short legs and have had my SV650S for just over a month. I have had the suspension lowered right down but still only have tippy toes on the ground. I ride it comfortably but will be getting the seat sculptered before I try stopping on gravel or uneven surfaces.
    As previous people have said, the wrist factor is all about the way you ride. I found it easy to adjust where I put my legs so as I don't keep hitting the pegs and by using your knees and legs to balance instead of your arms, you will find that you don't have any pain in the wrists.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to buy :)
  14. i felt this as well when I sat on the sv650s... too leadned over....

    i know Mick hone has clip on raisers that lift the bars up closer to the non-S version...... but i have no idea what this may to do handling.
  15. I'm the complete opposite, I find the SV is not leaned over enough! I feel strange that I'm upright and can see the whole world flash past me :)

    I found that my wrists don't cause me any problems (even now while I'm recovering from a sprained wrist), it is a lot on how you use the rest of your body. I am a bit different though as I am taller than you.

    The SV's (both models) can have the seats shaved down and also a dogone made to lower the bike, that will help you if you like the bike's performance/handling. The pegs can be adjusted a little, but if you don't feel comfy on it, you are better off to look at other bikes.

    I've sat on the ER6N, and the bars are much higher than the SV, bike is narrower. It doesn't feel comfy for me. Have you checked out the Bandit, FZ, even the Suzuki GSR?
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  17. The pins and needles are due to the vibrations caused by the twin engine, not the position of your hands...just a down side to riding the twins I guess!
  18. i got pins and needles on my first few rides on the SPADA.... concentrated on better arm posture and now don't really get them.

    none at all on this mornings 100Km trip.

    but the Vtwin does shake a bit...... but thats half the fun!!
  19. I am 5.5" and have no trouble on a zx9r and i find this bike really comfy 500 ks in a day no sore butt and wrists are fine :grin:
  20. The new SV1000 has a little shield on it. Maybe the sv650 does too.

    I've turned into a fan of these type of fairings as full fairings and full screens create as many problems as they solve.