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SV650S electronics problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by WeeBubba, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. hi all

    i am having a problem with my suzuki SV650S and would appreciate any advice.

    a few weeks ago i noticed that the engine was no longer accelerating sweetly like before. rather, at low revvs, the engine was seeming to 'choke' temporarily.

    yesterday, and this morning, i rode the bike through heavy rain, and the 'choking' problem got worse, to the point where i could also hear what sounded like a clicking and slight hiss when i twisted the throttle too. but i was able to make my destination by revving the bike harder, also the indicator lights on the dasboard have both come on and are showing dull lights now even though the indicators are turned off.

    i am wondering if these 2 problems are related. is there anything i can do to attempt to diagnose and fix this myself?

    thanks for any help with this.
  2. I had a similar issue on my bike. its in the workshop at the moment, getting it done under warranty. i'll let you know what it was, incase yours don't get fixed by then.

    The hissing sound you heard, could be a leaking exhaust.
    turn the bike on and then cover the exhaust with a thick towel or something and then listen for hissing sounds. If your engine doesn't shut down after a few secs, there may be a leak and i'd check the gasket first, where the exhaust bolts on to the pipes.
  3. The SV have a reputation for water in the front plug recess. Look there first. I'm not sure if there is a drain on the SV, but many bike do have it, but it tends to clog up with crap.

    Also make sure the leads and plug caps are in good condition and seating properly.
  4. I'd agree with this. A clicking noise could very well be high voltage electricity going where it shouldn't.

    Not sure about the indicator lights but wet weather is great for showing up dodgy earthing and all sorts of strange effects can result from the electrons trying to make their way back to the battery by any route they can find.
  5. Should add that WD40 may get you out of trouble when it happens. Spray into and around the plug recess.
  6. this was what i suspected plugs or a damp connection somewhere. i pulled out the paperwork on the bike yesterday and luckily its still under warranty. so im taking it back to the shop on saturday. will post when i get her back with an update.

    by the way this SV650 is an awesome bike i'm loving it.
  7. forgot to post until now just so you know it was damp plugs and indicator electrical connectors