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SV650S - Do you think I am crazy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thedragonreborn, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. One word..........



    I think you can pick up a set of clip on fairings for $450US.

    I dont really like the look of the SV650s without the fairings. Does anyone know anyone that has these fairing in aussie land?

    I am upgrading to a twin and SERIOUSLY considering buying a sv650 or sv650s. I really like the look of a faired sv....


    Is it crazy to buy a SV650s only to completely change it?

  2. Faired version does look the business.

    If you're lazy you could just get an er6f instead, thats what I'm doing. I don't like the look of the naked ones either, they don't look right.
  3. Nah your not crazy and no i can't help you out with the fairings.
  4. LOL

    I thought the er6f was a parallel twin? or is that the Hyo. or both?

    Either way twins are the go! Finally got rid of my arthritis inducing 4 cylinder 250! lets roll!

  5. Yup, parallel twin. Makes the bike very good for the city being nice and narrow. Why have max power at 140000000rpm when you can have it at 9 :grin: Not sure what the hyo is, but the er6f looks waaay better.

  6. Not crazy at all :p

    I have seen a blue curvy in Burwood fully faired, looks amazing :)

    From my knowledge, you do have to import the fairings.
  7. Why not?
    They're a great bike - and even after you cough up for the fairing, it's cheaper than a 600 inline 4 will be. (yeah - they're totally different bikes so not really a fair comparison)

    As another option - I didn't like the look of the 'S' model with just the top fairing - so I added a belly pan - like they come with from the factory on the 1000s Filled in the gap under the bike nicely.
  8. I don't know if they were available for the SV650S, but Suzuki in Australia were at one stage (for a short time) THROWING IN the full fairing kit for the SV1000S. Last I heard they were available as an option. I would assume the fitting would be different on the 650, but worth going to Suzuki to find out. Of course you'll pay blood if you buy locally.
  9. faired veetwin... AWESOME!

    and my opinion. veetwin sounds nicer than the parallel. and the sv looks sweeter too. :cool:
  10. Ouch 450$US.
    The hyo are v twins BTW
  11. you are crazy, but that's beside the point.

    Pommy land also has the full faired version and I'm pretty sure Suzuki would be able get it for you. That's 3 quote.

    The Aussie dollar is pretty high at the moment, so it's a good time to buy for overseas.

    I think to get a dodgy fibreglass replica is $250 per panel. this fairing would probably count as 3 or 4. So A$750-1000 for a factory fairing isn't bad.

    I make your quote about a$630 landed. Bargain if nothing goes wrong.
  12. A friend of mine had the faired sv1000s - looked awesome - he bought it already modified from the previous owner - lucky bastard :grin:
  13. Realm stuck fairings on her SV1000, it looks pretty similar to that. She's happy with them.

    Personally I think it's a bag of wank, the SV is a fine bike without any nancy bling bling.
  14. That er6f is damn pretty.
  15. sais you who bough a bright orange and purple fully faired Ninja!
  16. Goes to show how much importance I place on appearance, dunnit?
  17. Your not crazy.
    I'm looking to do the exact thing when I can afford it :cool:
  18. Faired SV650S

    Go the fully faired bike!

    Yeah the belly pan on an SV does neatin it up, but if you can get a fully faied SV650 on the road then do it. I nearly bought a sweet looking bronze SV1000s fully faired in Lizzy St, but I ended up with the Honda.

    Otherwise I agree - the new ER6F looks trick - and there are heaps of custom parts such as belly lights and tail huggers already on the market for them.

    Is there a full fairing option for a VTR1000? :grin:

    (bike my bike - see VFR for sale!)