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SV650s 2006 cherry red

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Black Betty, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. SV650s Suzuki 2006

    Excellent condition.
    Regularly serviced.
    24,950km on the dial.
    Tyres are front - Pilot Power, rear - Pilot Road2
    Rego til July 2011

    Extras - Oxford Heated Hand Grips, Adjustable Brake Lever, Helibars, Sportstand.
    Bike has been professionally lowered - original dogbones included.

    Wonderful bike - never skipped a beat.

    PM if interested.
    Available in East Ringwood for test ride.

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  2. Now advertised elsewheres. Be nice for her to go to a fellow netrider tho' :)
  3. :( Sorry to see her go. Excellent bike.

    I will arrange some pillion rides for you in between bikes.
  4. That would be grand - just need some nicer Melbourne weather :)
  5. Little more info added into original post.

    Such gorgeous spring weather in Melbourne - may just be tempted to take her out of a ride :)
  6. For those interested price has been updated :)
  7. Thought this would have gone by now.

  8. ive just got an older version of the 650... its a beaut bike!
  9. noooo :(
    i hope you are replacing soon!
  10. Holiday in Tassie booked - be nice to be on a new bike for it :)
  11. Bike has been sold - Sorry to see her go, but hey, now I get to shop for a new one :D
  12. Well done on the sale.
    What bike are you thinking about? Surely you have a list of options.
  13. There has always only been one ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.