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SV650 vs SV1000 vs CBR600 f4i

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Krollinator, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. These are the three that I've been told over time would suit me best... What would your guys opinions be? I don't go off my restrictions till march... But no harm in starting to look early eh?

    They're all around the same price range and all bullet proof...

    I'm going to be touring and commuting mostly, with some twisties and maybe even a track day thrown in... Apparently the SV650 is an absolute bundle of fun to ride, but I've heard that the SV1000 is to drool after and the f4i is just awesome... Can't wait to test ride :biker:

    But anyway, coming from a 250 I reckon the thou would be a bit much, just as I've heard the best way to advance in skill is to go up the ranks.

  2. You've seen an SV1000 in the same price bracket as SV650s and CBR600 f4is? So what's your budget?

    The obvious answer is to ride them (and anything else you can get your mits on) and see which floats your boat, but to add some random thoughts -

    I have an 02 sv650 as a commuter*. It is kinda fun, being light, maneuverable and with a willing motor. However, the stock suspension is woeful and the build quality is rubbish. The curvy***8217;s are dirt cheap though, so I'm guessing you're looking at later models which might have been improved. Regardless, its a pretty cautious upgrade.

    Haven't ridden an SV1000, but its not really in the same class as the litre sportsbikes, so shouldn't be discounted as an upgrade.

    Open to other options? VTR1000fs are broadly comparable to the SV1000, but can be had for half the cost. Late model VFR750s/ VFR800fs? My first upgrade was an early 90s VFR, which was great - powerful and torquey (for a 750), good handling with a relaxed riding position.

    *actually its the only one that is registered, but can't bear the thought of the SV being my "only" bike.
  3. I recently sold my VTR1000, great bike and lovely sound. Very underated which makes it easier to get cheaply. I haven't ridden a SV1000 but would love to try one out. FI is attractive and I like the look. Not sure about the suspension on the SV1000. Its fairly average on the VTR1000 which wasnt really an issue for me.
  4. Suspect its fairly average on the SV too (though undoubtably better than the 650). They weren't built to compete with supersports.
  5. 6kish is the ideal budget.

    [MENTION=26107]Rip[/MENTION] What do you mean by it's a cautious upgrade? As in, safe?

    Do you think it would be better to go for a 600 rather than a thou coming off a twofiddy?
  6. Sv650/1000 and cbr600f4i are quite different bikes.

    If you like heaps of low end grunt go the V-Twin. They are a blast to ride and make excellent commuters. The f4i is a fantastic bike with the added protection of full plastic fairings making it an ideal tourer.

    Good Luck in your search, there are too many good bikes out there to choose from these days.
  7. Having owned both SVs and ridden several F4is I can confidently say..

    That it depends if you like twins or not! Personally I find the f4i rather unexciting and bland - however they're silky smooth, linear and predictable.. I'd say the same about any 600 4cyl, too smooth without enough power to make it interesting. Don't limit yourself to a few bikes suggested to you go test ride when you get your fulls.

    The standard suspension is average on both svs, there are some inexpensive ways of making significant improvement. I tracked my sv650 a bunch of times, they are tonnes of fun on the track and I found it more rewarding than tracking my blade..

    The 650 is quite a bit lighter than the 1000, 170kg vs around 190kg dry - having ridden them back to back the difference is agility is noticeable, but the thou is more stable at higher speeds. So in summary, if its an every day all rounder without much 100kmh+ riding, the 650 would be my pick.
  8. I've had my 03/06 SV650N since mid-08. Last yr, I bought a 2010 Z750 thinking perhaps it could replace the SV, but kept the latter "just in case".

    Took a year to realise I'm not into multis (like consp-theorist), sold the Z last mth.

    The only bike I reckon would be in the same "class" as my SV650N wd be the Street Triple. I have been on the lookout, but the main obstacle holding me back is the $600 rego (VIC).

    If you wanna find out more on the SV, may be worthwhile paying a visit to svdownunder.com.au, plenty of info there.
  9. I've owned the SV650 and SV1000S. Both bikes are fun, but that's coming from a big twin fan. I'm with conspiracytheorist, if you are solo riding in the twisties and/or commuting the 650 is the go. I only upgraded to an SV1000 because a good deal came along and I was doing more pillioning.
  10. Perhaps cautious was the wrong word. Conservative? Its light, easy to ride and not a huge step up in power - relatively easy to adapt to coming off a 250. Which is not really a bad thing...

    $6k should get you something nice
  11. Ah, thanks for that.

    I've also just been recommended an FZS1000 or a 2001 Fz1 (same thing). Which apparently is just a little bomber of a bike for commuting and touring.

    And pillioning will probably become a bigger thing as the missus has started to want to come on the back with me - considering i ride everywhere and it's inconvinient to take the car when the bike is there :p