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SV650 vs GT650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by demuire, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Right, have now ridden both, and these are my thoughts. First a bit of info about the bikes in question, in case it makes a difference:

    SV650. 10/04 model (K4), 14800km. Stock apart from an IXIL pipe and a ventura rack.

    GT650. 05 model, 1800km. Stock apart from mini screen and ventura rack.

    First impressions:
    SV looks nicer. The GT is alright, and I can't really fault the build quality apart from some small gaps in the welds. Oh, and a slightly less than perfect fit of the rear plastic bits on the bike (above the tail light). Everything else looked ok. I prefer the color of the SV (metallic yellow vs flat yellow), the digital dash and the boxy frame. Oh, and the LED rear lights.

    Starting the SV650 was easier, although both bikes started first go. Probably due to EFI, GT650 needed choke and a bit of revving before it was happy to idle.

    I found the SV650 to have a fair bit more poke and bite, and it certainly felt more powerful. The power on the GT650 was there, but was more of a build up than a "hey let's boogie!" sorta feel. The SV pretty much felt like it was going to wheelstand everytime I touched the throttle in 1st and 2nd, where's the GT was rather docile. Maybe this is because of the pipe. The SV obviously sounded better, but this is certainly because of the pipe. GT was nice and lumpy too though :) Oh, and because the power delivery on the GT was more docile, it was easier to match revs downshifting too.

    GT felt more "clunky". Gears still went in no problems etc, just didn't feel as smooth as the SV. Maybe it's because it's still very new.

    GT had a lot more vibration at all revs. However, seating position on the GT also felt more comfortable, although I didn't like how the brake pedal and the gearshift pedal were so short, so I almost had to point my toes inwards to use them... What's with the side stands? Had issues putting both of them down. On the SV my pants kept getting caught on the peg, on the GT my boot kept getting caught.

    GT front brakes, contrary to everything else I've read, were fine. Maybe the brake pads have been replaced?

    GT front suspension was waaay soft, on braking the bike would dip majorly. Maybe preload on the front can be increased?

    All in all, as much as the GT650 was a nice bike, I thought the SV650 is a better bike all around. The price difference could make a difference though. In my case, the SV is cheaper :)
  2. Good review...

    I wonder if the amount of poke/bite the SV had is due to the different gearing style.... Apparently the GT has 5 gears instead of six... so they would run completely different sprockets to make up for the missing gear.... And that would cut down the effective thrust at lower revs.... but would probably make up for it much later in the gear...
  3. Indeed, a good comparison review, demuire.
  4. The GT650 has 6 gears, the GV (cruiser) has the same engine as the GT but with only 5 gears. Rode one last weekend, didn't need second until I hit about 60k's...
  5. ah.... sorry...
  6. so when are you picking up the sv? adn when are you going to sell me the rack?
  7. Bix: Sell you the rack? No. Pick up? Who knows, I was supposed to pick it up an hour and a half ago but in typical Team Moto style, there's been complications and so I am still SV-less :(

    Basically the bike has stamps in the logbook for pre-delivery and 1000k service, but no 6000 or 12000k service history... *dodgy*. Looked at the oil, and it looks ok, so perhaps it was serviced without the stamp, perhaps it was serviced by the owner, who knows, I sure don't.

    But what Team Moto are doing now is they are servicing the bike now to put on the 12000k stamp, and registering the bike to me as a 2nd owner to Suzuki (there's a slip at the back of the log book for this), I'm told (and I've insisted I get this in writing) that this will make the warranty valid for me till it is actually supposed to run out on the 6th Feb 2007.

    So if all goes well, pick up at 4pm today.
  8. Ok I've just bought the GT650 04 model, so my first question to you would be was the one you rode a LAMS version?

    I suspect not as you are in QLD, but I ask as my has plenty of gallop. It has the sports exhaust but can't see that making a huge amount of difference as its more for sounds I think. Maybe try riding another if you can?

    I never tested the SV as the ones in my area had too many ks on the clock or were above budget for 2nd hand bike. I'm very happy with mine for the few days I have owned it and cannot fault the bike for brakes or build quality.
  9. Kurtis_Strange: Oh don't get me wrong, the bike had poke. It was a fair sniff quicker than my XV250 Virago. It just didn't come bounding down the hill like a herd of elephants is what I'm saying, it kinda waltzed in to it. It sat at 100 eaaasily (on the highway of course) and accelerated out of it without blinking, but the power just felt really... relaxed. Where's my SV seems to try to throw me off everytime I crack the throttle in 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear...

    We have no LAMS bikes here...