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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Booki, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Found these two bikes on bike sales. Not sure if they are learner legal? I am in victoria if that helps or not.....and ive checked on the vic roads pdf but it doesn't help me to much in regards to these. It has the SV650SU but not the SV650? Is there a difference?

    Before i go ringing up sellers and checking them out id at least like to know if i can legally ride these ?
  2. nah theyre not.

    the SU is a recently released learner restricted model.
  3. nope and nope.

    geeez that bandits cheap
  4. ..... :( Aw. Well may as well close this thread....even though the bandit says learner legal int he add :S
  5. It's an 11yr old (the design was real old then), air cooled, 220+kg 600, they were a good bike of their generation, but pretty old school tech now, the modern equivalent is 20kg lighter and some 20-30hp more powerful

    I think the price is probably about right, that one does appear to be in great condition though
  6. This sucks. There is bugger all modern/reliable bikes for a decent price for learners. You either pay through the roof for a stupid 20yr old cbr, and generally they have been horribley looked after. Or you pay even more through the roof and get something new?

    There doesn't seem to be any decent bikes around the 3-3.5k price range that would be good...
  7. ive owned simmilar. the tech on the modern bikes hasn't really changed much theyre just dressed up. these type of things are solid and reliable and in good nick it should be worth 4k to most commuters
  8. That SV looks just like my old one! (well, except for the dent in the tank!)

    Its a good price for that too, considering the kms. Great engine, although the suspension needs some work from stock....