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SV650 vs FZ6 vs Hornet vs oh god help...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I've searched these comparisons on here but the only thing i've come up with are relatively old threads.

    Basically I have 7-8k to spend on my first upgrade (from an Across) and at the moment I'm focusing on the middleweight naked bikes that tickle my fancy.

    The SV650, the FZ6, the Hornet and possibly the er6n. Haven't seen any other particularly eye catching models in my price range but am open to suggestion.

    So far I have this:

    - V twin good for my mostly city and freeway riding. Good power distribution in the low rev range
    - Sounds awesome with an aftermarket can, have seen an awesome youtube video of a Leo Vince.
    - Not really gone on the looks, particularly the single header pipe but I've seen this complemented with a belly pan which can look quite good. More expense really.

    - Inline 4 delivers more power than the V twin, when I start to take some more "spirited" rides through the twisties and interstate.
    - Really like the looks.
    - Sound will not be as nice as the sv but i would be interested in hearing opinion on this.

    I have little knowledge on the other bikes but if one addresses the cons of the bikes above, with as many pros, i would consider it.

    So what do all you netriders recommend?
  2. lol i should have checked the first page, i can just transefer all this into the thread below. lock please.
  3. Seems that you are obviously targetting the nakeds. Give us some more info, how much experience, what sort of riding (commuting, fun, 2 up, etc.), how long do you want to keep the bike for, how disciplined are you with extra power, etc. When you ay Hornet, i take it you mean the 600 or the 900?
  4. cheers farab, will answer in the other thread, no pint in duplicating all this
  5. SV, but then I'm biased :) 600cc detuned i4s are the most boring bike I can think of. No personality, and not enough power to make up for that fact. Twinners are grinners.. I really miss my SV :(
  6. I can also vouch for the sv650. So much fun and more then enough power for any road riding. Haven't taken her to a track yet, but i'm sure it would perform great :)
    Also I think the v-twin is an awesome motor.
  7. I loved my SV at the track! Was great rounding up some of the guys on 600 sportsbikes.
  8. Couldn't agree more ! I really miss my V-Strom, which is the same engine as the SV you're considering. Absolutely fantastic in every respect.
  9. SV is ugly

    FZ better I have S ...sounds good at 10,000rpm but aftermarket pipes are expensive I cant justify it myself.

    just buy an older 1000 if you want more power
  10. Hornet 600's are a great little bike but they are probably getting a bit long in the tooth now compared to some of the newer stuff thats out there, if I can ask why limit yourself to a 600, you could also look at the Hornet 9, SV1000n, Kwacka Z750 & Z1000 etc...

    It only goes as fast as your wrist tells it to!
  11. Was looking to spend only 7k on my upgrade but pushed myself to $11k (that's a different thread) buuuut while on that journey I tested a lot of bikes including some of the above.

    Im sure you can get a good Hornet 900 for $7500 (I tested 2 that i almost got). But it was just a little too... er... beige.. lovely beige mind you ... but beige..

    Looked at the Fz6 (naked) in that same price bracket.. but you should be able to push them hard since that bike is being hit hard by competition (really nice bike) and if you find a bargain it could be a good buy...

    Guess what i am trying to say is that this is not a bad time to push a little harder on deals .. new models etc.. and I reckon the Trumpy Street is pushing some other bikes aside so there are some bargains to be had.

    For me... I then looked at the the naked litre bikes with some torque and did not look back...
    I ended up with an ex Demo Speed Triple ;P (also another thread).
  12. Stout fellow. It's heartening that more and more people are seeing the light.