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SV650 starter relay

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by heffa, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. On my way into work this morning, I had the unwelcome experience of my bike loosing electical power in the middle of a crowded freeway. After tinkering round for a few minutes I found there main fuse on the starter relay had blown (Im pretty sure its the starter relay, direct line power from battery, 30A fuse, mounter right side under the seat).
    I unplugged the wiring loom and replaced the blown fuse, but as soon as I reconnected the wiring loom into the top of the relay the fuse blew again. My quandry is could this be the relay itself, or more likely to be a short somewhere further along the line? I recently (6 weeks ago) had the voltage regulator replaced, but there have been no other electrical changes recently.

  2. I would suspect a short in the loom somewhere.
  3. If it's the 30A relay and it stopped you, then it won't be the relay. The relay doesn't have to work for to you ride.

    It will be the connection at the battery terminal for a bet. Alternatively it could be too/from the alternator or the alternator itself.
  4. Yeah, I took a look back thru the wiring diagram and the mains cable bypasses the 30A fuse on its way to the relay. The mains line out from the fuse runs to the fusebox (where everything is fine), ignition and the rectifyer/regulator. Im checking the regulator first coz it was replaced only 6 weeks ago. Will see what I find. Gonna be fun tracking this down as my old multimeter has died too :(
  5. Found the problem! The new voltage regulator is fubar. I isolated it from the rest of the bike and every time I connect it to the main line the 30A fuse blows.
    The regulator was replaced by Brighton B&B only 8 weeks ago, so I called them up. Tom, their main srvc guy, said he had had a few reports comming back about the taiwanese regulators they were supplied with. He said he would fix me up with a replacement from their new japanese supplier.
    Thanks for the suggestions guys, saved me $60 in replacing the relay :)