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SV650 rider - another newb with another hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Swedey, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. and Hello again :)

    I'm nearly 3 months new to solo riding. Been pillion to friend/family bikes for many years though.

    I ride an '06 Suzuki SV650N in the stunning blue colour so well suited to its sharp nakedness. Don't think this is the right place for pics???
    Anyway I'm extremely happy with the bike and my riding experience so far. Ever since 15 I've desperately wanted to ride, but my parents simply wouldn't hear of it and financially encouraged me towards Cagedom [bastards!].
    I am however thankful to them, for sparing me [and them] the potential nightmares learning to ride at an age of perceived invincibility might have caused. At least now - at 23 - my perception is a little clearer

    I've enjoyed reading through the fourms the last couple weeks and look forward to joining in where I can.

    P.S and if you see a naked blue SV650 rider with L's on the monash... call the police it's bad enough not wearing protective gear :wink:

  2. Welcome, always good to have another SV'er around :)

    And pics are ALWAYS necessary - Lets have a look at the nakedness please! :p
  3. welcome, i think ur right with the perception part and i'm glad i was talked out of it when 18.
  4. welcome to the boards and good choice in bikes, i am just up the road and quite often head out once a week for either a after work ride plus when i get a chance on the weekend. So if your keen to tag along drop me a pm.

    cheers stewy :)
  5. Damn double post.. :evil:
  6. Welcome to Netrider, hope you have fun. :grin:
  7. Sure are an old bastard aint ya. Your days of ridin must be numbered. :LOL:

    Welcome to NR :cool:
  8. welcome swedey, enjoy ridin your sv twin
  9. Hey Swedey, welcome to NR!
    I ride the monash occasionally, keep an eye out for my black ZXR250 :cool:
  10. hi and welcome

    now how can someone on L plates get away with riding a 650??
  11. I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to start something :wink:
  12. lol went

    well im blonde i always put foot in mouth
  13. :LOL: :LOL: nice smiley

    Technically it will be legal in July, or whenever LAMS starts here in VIC. I thought about doing something similar, just get a bigger bike and hope for the best until LAMS starts. In the end though i could only afford a 2fiddy :wink:
  14. that smiley is me all over!
  15. Don't think the SV650 will be on the LAMS list.

    Swedy, welcome to the forum, good luck not getting busted. :wink: You do know you wont have any insurance right?
  16. Thought there was a restricted version available :?
    I might be mistaked though...
  17. Nope, you might be thinking of the Hyosung GT650.
  18. Negatory. SV650 is about 200kw/tonne, max allowed for lams is 150kw/tonne.

    They SHOULD have a restricted kit for it.. but alas
  19. Thanks for all your greetings.

    As far as riding the SV650 on my restrictions: Technically, yes, I'm not allowed to, and a member of the police force may issue me the ~$116 penalty
    should they feel their ticket book needs some weight reduction.

    Realistically though, it's an SV650: an 165kg ~70ish HP V-twin. It's not even close in power to say, a GSXR600 or R6 race bike [120+hp??]. And with the still standing blanket restriction of <260cc period; little Kim Jong-il can get on his flashy RS250 or equiv. 2-stroke, wipe the smirk off my hooligan 650-riding face and still be safe within the letter of the law. I explained this in a slightly less animated way to the local cop shops, saying i'm a stocky 6ft 110kg and a cramped no-torque 250 [yes I know there are 250 cruisers] wouldn't suffice on my 100km commutes to work. Both of them agreed I wouldn't be targeted on this alone, and just to stay out of trouble I should have no fear. I've since ridden along with a few marked/unmarked units on the monash and none gave me a second glance, even while shoving my skewed L plate in their face. They probably didn't even know what the bike was :eek:

    Ignoring the costs, i think it's an excellent sized bike to learn on. You learn throttle modulation from the get go. If you're used to wringing the neck of your 250, you're gonna end up under the traffic when you jump on a bigger bike and out of habbit do the same thing. I also love overtaking/going up hills in 6th gear with ease. Hoping to get my dad back into riding on it aswell.

    Sorry to rant. Something to do I guess :)

    Happy riding.