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sv650 rear sprocket

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by stewy, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, hoping someone might have a old rear sprocket from a 03+ sv650 that just they don't want anymore (ie just replaced chain and sprockets etc) Don't care what condition it's in (any condition will do)

    Cheers stewy
  2. will one off a thou do the job? K3
  3. wait a minute, yours is a K3 isn't it?
  4. nope the thou is different, to the 650 :facepalm:.......and mine is k7
  5. so just a quick bump for the start of the week :-w
  6. have you tried the SVdownunder forum? I'll link ya if ya want.
  7. yep tried over there too.....ffs i know fuel has gone up slightly, so have people gone from riding to only washing and polish their bikes, these day.....therefore not wearing out chains and sprockets :-k
  8. I have one from Suzi 250 bandit?
  9. that will be close enough......you have a pm

    cheers stewy
  10. I have an old toilet brush.
  11. Can I borrow it loz? I will clean up this old sprocket for Stew to pick up.
  12. No worries mate, I'll stick it in a postpak and send it over.

    Might need a bit of a clean itself, though.
  13. All clean and awaiting your grubby hands stewy!
  14. Actually they can be a bit show and shine over there but it was worth a punt.
    I like to keep my old sprockets as souvenirs of the punishment and abuse i give them, i thought everybody was like that??
  15. I'll get ya a new one for ya b"day? last week
  16. Did you get it sorted Stewy?
  17. oh wow, thanks buddy yeah a 47 tooth rear thanks :beer:

    yep marcus had one of the bandit which was similar to what i need.....so for the second i think i have it sorted.....but once i check it all out i will need to go grab a newy (y)
  18. So your all good no worries :grin:
  19. I have one from the VTR but such a specimen it was that it's now hanging on the wall in a mates garage for all to see and go 'Wow' at.

    I also have another one which has nothing exciting about it at all. Lemme know if you want it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.