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SV650 or Husky 610SM

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Georgeclooney, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. first upgrade bike
    for commuting and fun on weekends..
    dont ride too often.. prolly cover around 6-8 thousand kays a year.. more commuting kays than weekends.. looking for a fun machine
    comforts not an issue.. i can adapt to whatevers good
    just wondering what the service intervals are on the huskys and whats required.. and whether it'll suit my purposes any better than an sv would ? am also considering the ktm 690sm
    wont be able to find the time to test ride any of these for a while.. would really like to hear from someone whos ridden both but any feedback is better than none..

  2. look, I like motards.Had 2 husky 610's, Aprilia SXV550 and now a ducati HM.Go the 610 ( or the KTM if funds allow). Motards are a LOT of fun.And practical.Husky maintenance pretty good on the SM ( not so the SMR450/510).Will be the same for the KTM.Unfortunately the KTM is butt ugly.
    You'd get a 610 for 6-7k ( 2 yo) .Only prob is servicing- only really good guy is in Emu Plains ( Michael Noble).KTM - more choices.
    Dont even think about the Aprilia.(best fun ever , but 500km oil changes)
  3. I bought a 25L drum of Delo 400 for $90 the other day, and the local recycling center takes used engine oil free of charge.
  4. I owned an SV.

    Can't really beat a motard for commuting though can you? Definitely not if huge fun is on the agenda at the same time. Don't get me wrong the SV is a fantastic bike and very reliable, but motards have even more low down power, mega light, agile and thin to get between gaps - making it a better commuter if you take maintenance out of the equation.
  5. ...untill you've lived with a couple. i love my tards, had 2, will have more. but commuters they arent

    how many k's are you commuting? if its less than 150k a week then yeah go for the husky, great bikes. service it often and properly and sell it before you get near 30,000kms or it will be worthless

    but if you are putting a substansial ammount of k's on it everyweek....go the sv... it makes allot more sense as a commuter. you could easily put double the k's on it without the dramas
  6. Latest model 610 injected, so get much better economy

    Servcing and valve check, every 5,000kms but do an oil/filter change in between.

    Would probably go the SV, just for the bit of extra smoothness and more comfortable higher end speed - unless all your riding is going to be through twisties - but in the realworld :?

    Heard Micheal's gone to Cessnock/Maitland :?
  7. I've considered a SM for commuting, but I think the reality is the novelty would wear off after a few weeks and then the bike would just become annoying.

    Depends on whether you are relying on it every day or a twice a week kind of guy.

    Also I like the idea of Husky's, but relying on one every day . . . . ?
  8. guy around town uses the aprilia for commuting every day. Might ask him about the servicing issues :p
  9. I had the same dilemma. But I'm going SV over the tard. SV with a "little" bit of modification should make it a fun machine!
  10. cheers for the replies..
    sv1000 it is then..