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SV650 or Hornet600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. ok... i'm down to this shortlist for my next bike. i've test-riden a hornet and found it very comfortable and easy. will be test-riding an SV this wkd (standard not 650S). am looking for any advice that might sway my decision one way or the other - thoughts on power, handling, weight, height, sound, suspension etc.

    also any negotiation tips greatly appreciated. will be looking to get new pipe, rack'n'bag, oggy nobs and possibly stickier tyres at the same time.

    please don't add in suggestions for other 600's i should look at. it's taken me weeks to get down to this shortlist!

    thanks in advance, c x
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  3. Got to love the torque of the Vtwin SV, put a nice pipe on and it sounds like a duke!!
  4. Have not ridden either, but have had a go on the hornet 900 which is a great bike Very comfy, enough power to get you around, plenty of pillion room too :cool:
  5. O.k. I bought a 600 Hornet brand spankin in 99 (1st yellow one in Australia) I had it for bit over 2 years and put 45 thous kays on it. I commuted every day and did a few interstaters on it. Once with my hubby on the back to Canberra in one day- and hes not a midget either. Ahhh, the things we do for love. It never missed a beat and would tour or scratch happily all day. I had sticky tyres on it , standard exhaust and no rack. I just strapped a bag on the back. As an all rounder, it was the best value for money bike at the time. I may be biased cause I had a Honda CBX 550 for 10 years before that. (Same type of setup, inline four, naked etc.) Now, the only probem I found with the Hornet was after a while it got a bit boring, beacuse it was so perfect. Then I lost my licence on it and had to sell it anyway. So maybe that was providence? cause now Im back on sportsbikes again. I have had few little tootles around on an SV and its a very different beast. In all honesty, if I had to choose now- it would be the SV, just cause its fun
  6. Financing? Dealers often have good interest rates through manufacturer labelled finance deals. They get a commission from it, so you can negotitate a little to get some of that commission into your pocket or paying for gear :)

    What made you discount the Yammy FZ6S ? :grin:
  7. The type of people that buy them?!!! :p :LOL:
  8. She may be a girl, but Carri's not THAT girly!

    I'll definately back up the opinion that the SV650 sounds amazing with the right set of pipes... Andy (slej)'s SV sounds brilliant, I think he had MADAZ pipes or something? But the Suzie's a twin, so the power will be spread lower down the rev range.

    This might be an advantage or a disadvantage - either you'll love the useability of the v-twin power, or you'll prefer the slingshot effect of the inline four up higher in the rev range. I don't know the power figures for the SV, but the Hornet probably produces a good few extra horses up at the top end, which gives you a nice rush when you wind it up.

    I'm a big fan of the Hornet, but the SV looks like a very friendly, useable, fun and aesthetically nice ride as well. It's also a bit lower down in terms of seat height from memory, so if you didn't feel totally planted on the Hornet you might find the SV's easier, I'm not sure.

    It comes down to which fits your riding personality Carri... Oh, and well done on not leaping in and throwing cash at the first bike you liked, you've got way more self restraint then I do!
  9. 1 vote for SV :) Heaps of fun, very forgiving, loads of torque pretty much everywhere in the rev range, sounds beefy with an aftermarket pipe on it :)
  10. Take a look at resale values - the Hornets hold their value a lot better.
  11. I'll get you my pretties :LOL: :p
  12. And your little dog, Toto, too.
  13. Our opinions won't matter until you have ridden both.....then only you can decide....but if you ask me...
    Go the SV...twins are more fun and sound horny with an aftermarket pipe too! :)
    Not that I'm biased or anything..:)
  14. Go the Hornet IMHO. User friendliness and street cred'.
    An SV just sounds like a cheap, Japanese reincarnation of a Hardley Dangerous.
    <Runs and hides>
  15. :shock: :?
    Get it right...you mean the SV sounds like a cheap/jap version of a Ducati :LOL:
    Now that's a nicer comparison. :grin:
    Who cares anyway..they're both ugly naked upright boats...I mean bikes.. :p
    *my turn to run*
  16. The SV will be more user friendly, lighter, has easier low speed maneuvereablity, and is better at riding at slower speeds.

    I prefer the hornet, but the SV's power delivery is more about real-world riding than the Hornet's, and will probably suit the majority of people.

    I rode a mates SV (s model) a while ago, and while it was great fun, it's no sports bike and runs out of puff up top. The hornet would have significantly more power, but is it where you'd use it?
  17. The SV is a fun capable and forgiving bike that is suited to everyday riding and fanging in the mountains with it's very good handling.
    the other is a yawn inducing inline 4.
  18. Agreed.
    I had my SV650s for 14 months and did 21,000kms on it..luved it.
  19. I am biased.....

    Curtaingirl loves to steal my bike, and she is dying to take it up the spurs (soon!!!). A friend was over from the UK and fanged my girl, hubby's friends all spanked her through the spurs that day too. Hubby has been asked to leave the Gixxer at home and bring the SV out to play so that they can all play swapsies and get a chance to ride the SV. She is a total tart that bike of mine.

    I have Twingirl's staintune pipe from her old SV and the only way to describe the sound is 'THATS HOT'.

    check out SV Downunder for more SV reviews.

    We had a 250 Hornet as one of the learner bikes, but I prefer a Vtwin. You might want to look at the resale value of the bikes if you plan to trade in a few years cause the SV's hold their value quite well and I have no idea what a used Hornet sells for...... no idear.

    GO THE SV!!!!!