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sv650 no low beam - help please

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kyan, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. I have high beam but no low beam. Low beam used to come on as soon as the ignition was turned on...

    I have taken apart the switch that alternates between high and low beam and all looks good. Bulb is obviously not blown. No blown fuses either.

    Btw I have no mechanical/electrical knowledge to draw from.

    Can anyone give some suggestions as to what the problem is likely to be?

    My horn also wasn't working properly yesterday either. It was cutting in and out but seems to be fine today.

    thanks in advance
  2. Bulb is NOT obviously not blown if all you are going by is the fact that high beam still works. High and low beam are separate elements that do not run in series.

    Test the globe before you look for something more complicated.

    If you have tested it, humble apologies! :grin:
  3. no i haven's tested the bulb. i did look at it and the little wires aren't broken...?
  4. Sometimes the break can be difficult to see, if you have a multimeter test the resistance of the low beam element on the globe. It should be low, probably less than 5 ohm. Test the globe out of the bike not in situ.

    Usually this is the problem but if it seems Ok then pull the globe out and measure to see you get voltage on the pin of the globe socket when the ignition is on.
  5. Yet you have no electrical or mechanical knowledge.
    Just replace the bulb :roll:
    Seriously it isn't rocket science to eliminate the most obvious and cheapest option
    Just because a bulb "appears" to be fine doesn't mean it is.
    When you run out of petrol remember to take apart the engine to find out why it isn't working. :wink:
  6. thanks for the replies, i'll have a closer look at the bulb being the cause.

    smee, i thought i had eliminated the most obvious hence trying to find the problem elsewhere and then my post asking for help. man it must be awesome to know as much as you...
  7. A bulb costs bugger all, replace it first then if its still buggered go onto fuses then finally contacts.
    Pulling apart the switch may have stuffed any water sealing to keep the electricals dry especially if you are not mechanically minded.
  8. My low beam died on me a while ago. The bulb burned out, but it looked and sounded OK. I took it out and give it a hit with the battery charger (closest 12v power source at the time) and the high beam worked, but low beam didn't. A new H4 bulb cost 15 bucks.
  9. Remember kiddies what Uncle Bill of Occam wisely said, "what can be done with fewer assumptions is done in vain with more".

    Don't have a "closer look" at the globe. Replace it. If not the cause, you have a spare!
  10. Test your globe with a mulimeter. If it has resistance, it is ok.
  11. More accurately, if it has any continuity.
  12. Just change the friggin thing. It's cheaper than pulling shit apart that doesn't go back together properly cos of you "mechanical genius"
  13. Nice one Smee ...Everyone has one, but you dont have to be one :(

  14. What an intelligence?
    common sense?
    I tell it like it is no more no less.
    People with no clue and admit to it should not go around and touch things that may then in the long run just turn into a money pit for nothing more than common sense.
    If they don't like the lesson they don't have to learn it but it has to be said to save them from themselves. I make no apologies for being harsh about it.
  15. :roll: Bollocks, the only way to learn is by having a go.

    There's plenty of people around who can give the right answer and not be a bastard about it. Leave it to them.

    OP: Replace the bulb dude.
  16. I'm not being a bastard
    I'm being upfront and open about it.
    You just interpret it as being a bastard since it is printed word and not face to face.
    You have a mechanical aptitude so you can "have a go".
    but common sense would dictate you would not have a go if you knew in yourself you were not mechanically minded.

    The guy has no idea so takes apart the switchblock of the SV headlight to "test" it and may have stuffed the seals putting it back together.
    Expensive lesson for replacing a lightbulb don't you think?
    A mate of mine attempted to adjust the tappets on his kwak a few years back by reading the manual.
    $1000.00 later and a trip to the mechanics he learned his lesson.
    As Dirty Harry once said
    "a man's gotta know his limitations"

  17. A good point, but I'm not the only one who interprets it like that - and the OP sure did. Maybe it's worth making an effort not to let yourself get misinterpreted.

    You don't get born with mechanical aptitude. You learn by not being afraid to have a go, by trying things, researching, asking questions, watching carefully and probably mainly by buggering things up and having to fix them. I wouldn't have trusted myself to sit the right way round on the dunny when I had my first crack at a set of headstem bearings, and I wouldn't have finished the job if it wasn't for the help of JO and other netriders.

    A mechanical problem you learn to fix yourself is worth a lot more than the money you save on a mechanic.
  18. I did insert a winky emoticon so it was tongue in cheek have another look at my original comments.

    All fair points Loz but as you yourself said you asked the questions first before you endeavoured to take things apart
    the OP did it the other way around.
  19. Smee Smee Smee...First of all a light switch and a bulb replacement or check are not rocket science like valve clearance and what seals is he going to bugger up in a switch, you sounded like you where talking down to him on a question that was to simple for you to answer ..Sometimes in life you give something a go because your hoping for a jump out and bite you easy repair like a wire loose etc ..He checked the globe and it looked fine so he went exploring didnt find anything and posted a geniune question for help ,If you read his reply to you Im sure You must understand he read it the same as we did ...You came across a bit of a smart ass... :wink:
    And as a Moderator you should be a little more diplomatic IMHO
  20. firstly.. it was the bulb. all replaced.

    thanks for the comments everyone. obviously smee from my point of view you sounded pretty up-yourself. if i can try solve something myself then i will have a go. sometimes i stuff it and sometimes i fix it. it probably evens itself out but that's life. i am happy to work that way.

    it's probably the easy option for people to take the piss online (and yes you know you were)