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SV650 full fairing kit! Looks great

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nightgash, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. I think this SV650 just looks spectacular with those sexy front lights and nice smooth lines! I think it brings the bike to life, or some could say the fairing kills the whole point of the SV?

  2. Seen some before that looke dpretty ordinary but that one looks sweet.
  3. They have been around for ages they used to sell the lowers in aus with the sv1000 but stopped :( still u can always order a set of the lowers from the uk :cool:
  4. Looks good :) .

    Nowif I can get some normal handle bars that fit ,I'll take a black one.
  5. Makes it look like a Hyosung......

    {runs and hides in corner....}
  6. There are a few option. The Heli-bars look the best for my mind.
  7. Looks pretty good to me - if they ever seal this dirt track I live on - would love to fully fare mine ;)
    ditto to the heli-bars - can't wait for some drier days so I can give mine a good try-out!
  8. I love the faired sv. When it comes time to upgrade, I'll definitely be talking to some dealers about how much it would cost to get the lower fairing.
  9. And where in AUS does one get such fairing kits?
  10. Talk to your local Suzuki dealer, there may be some of the '03 SV1000
    fairing kits left in the country.
    Unfortunately you don't get a choice of colour... bronze or silver, from memory.

    The set I purchased cost about $1700 and took a while to get, but it had the fairings, hugger and rear cowl to match

    I went through Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie
  11. Is it the same fairing. From memory the SV1000 fairing was made up of lots of bits and was quite slabby in appearance. Maybe it's the colour.
  12. I quite like it as well, UK gets it standard on their sv650s'.
    Youd think some aftermarket place in hong kong would realise theres money to be made here (look at all the sportsbike fairings on ebay)
  13. Its each to their own, I like my semi faired look of my SV1000S.

    But it doesn't kill the whole point of the SV, to me the whole point is that rumbling V-twin torque house :grin:
  14. I prefer it without, but I'm biased. I reckon the SV has a unique look and when you add the fairings, it makes it look too much like the other bikes out there.
  15. Thats a good thing though isn't it Deb :LOL:
  16. AHH i love the look of the sv when it has the full fairing kit, it just makes it more complete and yeah :D

    congrats she looks awesome