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SV650 - ABS conversion?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gra, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. has anyone thoughts on the practicalities of converting my 06 model SV650 to ABS brakes? thanks gra

  2. Nope, but try SVDU they might have some ideas or links.
  3. My thoughts? Impractical and why bother. Too much effort & people have survived without ABS for many years to date.
  4. questoin is why?

    probably cost u a bit too, might as well sell it and buy an ABS model one
  5. thankks guys - it does not seem like there is much happening in the proposed ABS conversion. i wondered about just what the cost might be (not having any idea of just what would have to be altered/added where) and as you say probably too dear.

    ABS seems one of these things you dont need till you're really in strife and then according to the data i have read it is a very good thing. for many of us including me acting rationally in panic braking situations is quite an ask. cheers gra
  6. A factory installed ABS is a 50:50 on a bike. Don't do it yourself.
  7. Cost?

    The price of advertising your bike on bikesales. Then any difference in cost between your sale price, and the purchase price of a bike with ABS factory fitted.

    The next gen of ABS systems is starting to appear, ie bmw. Food for thought.