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SV1000S ???????

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zoot, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Hi , im thinking of getting one of these units. Im interested to hear from anyone who has ridden one or owns one. Any feedback appreciated, especially in terms of pillion comfort, commuting, service intervals etc etc.

    Also interested in hearing from anyone who owns the non S model, what are their thoughts on that one.

    Hoping to test ride one soon, appreciate any feedback, thanks all.

  2. PM Chef or Realm - they both own them and ride them very nicely, thank you :)
  3. Honker of an engine, I rode Stewy's the other day and had a ball. It wheelies everywhere, all you have to do is drop the wrist in first and woohoo!

    My criticisms are:

    1) Shit tank range (around 200km... Boooo)
    2) Tank too narrow to grab under hard braking (why not fit a wider tank and solve both these issues?
    3) Brakes are pretty average.

    Stewy also reckons that after I rode it, it sat a good inch and a half lower, so perhaps we can add "suspension not suitable for fat pricks" to the list ;)

    It's the only big twin I've ever really got along with, that engine is a ripper, it just pulls like crazy from low down all the way to a good redline rush that wouldn't be out of place on an i4. Injection's a bit snatchy for my liking but you just deal with it.
  4. Head over to svdownunder.com where you will find out more than you'd ever want to know about the SV series.

  5. zoot,

    I own the sv1000 (the naked version) brought brand new and have just ticked over a 20,000 on her since Easter.

    Done 3 tours on her now and use her everyday as a commuter, overall i personally love the bike, and really suits my riding style.

    The gear box is smooth, and easy to select gears with a motor that has tones of torque that supplies the power in a nice linear torque curve, although as Loz has said the full injection can get a bit snatchy, but you will get used to it very quickly.

    It handles touring really well except a screen would make a 2 week and 6000km tour a bit less of a strain on the old neck (or just backing off the speeds will do that too).... carrying luagage or pillions the only way you know you have extra weight on the back is the thing just wants to wheelie like crazy.... :LOL: well loz reckons it does that without all that and i am stating ot agree with him now :wink:

    The few people who i have had on the back say the seating position is ok (but the seat is a killer) and i again even the rider seat is less then comfy.....and is something i am looking to either get repadded or a new gel type seat.

    Tank range is another huge issue i have with the bike.....with a 200km tank range it's less then idea, but it gives you a break from the blank of wood they call the seat.

    Brakes and suspension i have no issues with (although i will again are all budget parts) Loz seems to think the brakes lack alot of feel.

    Overall i find it a idea bike and have loved every minute of owning one, and would own another one in a flash.

    Anyway like all bikes some people like them so people don't, so i would suggest a test ride is in order, but for 12k (naked version) on road for a brand new 1000cc bike i reckon you have ot seriously consider them. As for s/h i think they are quite over priced when compared to new.

    cheers stewy
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I went testriding on the weekend, I think I am gonna buy a Z750. None of the shops I went to had ANY SV's, 650's or 1000 in stock, let alone demos, or even 2nd handers to ride. I am sure if I travelled to far & wide destinations I could have found one, but anyone who has read about my current bike would know its a piece of shit & cant be trusted to not break down and I want it gone! I would have loved to have the luxury of long times to test ride every bike, but I narrowed it down to either the SV or the Z750/1000 . I like the look of the Z better and I had loads of fun on it on Sat , so , f*&k it, i'm buying one.
  7. Yeah, they're both pretty cool. I liked the Z750 cause it felt nice and 'chuckable' and sporty for a naked upright.
    Testrode an SV1000 and it's just FANTASTIC. Big Vtwin rumble and effortless power throughout the rev range. I found the seating position on the SV a bit less upright than the Z750 which I didn't expect.
    Anyway, I decided to get the SV1000. Gonna pick it up this weekend.

    Stewy, great review.

  8. I got the new Z750 last nite, first time ive had a bike with the upright seating & it is sooo good for lane splitting. Since this is an everyday commuter thats a big plus. The seats a bit shit , but that can be sorted. New bike, im happy :grin: