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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tris, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anybody has ridden or has an opinion on the Suzuki SV1000S?

    Any info would be appreciated!


  2. I want one. Does that help? :) (never ridden it though)
  3. If your really keen on an SV you need to talk to Orlando , seeing as he's got one :)

    But you really need to check out www.ozfirestorm.com
    and see that the real VTwins are the VTR1000's
    :twisted: :p

    Not that im biased or anything 8)

  4. Hehe thanks for the help boz :LOL:

    Hopefully Orlando spots this thread and posts in here 8)
  5. Tris.

    The Sv 1000S is the next bike i will get.

    I will keep my SV 650S as a track day weapon and the 1000 will be for day to day commute to and from work.

    I found (and this is me) that there isn't much difference in the 650 to the 1000 :shock: . They both have the same steering caracteristics and feel, but the 1000 has it in speed. The suspension on the 1000 is also fully adjustable which is a bonus.

    Need more convinceing www.svdownunder.com]go here[/url] and ask a few of the owners.


  6. i'll have one in black thanks :D

    unless something sexier comes out soon, that''ll be my next bike too. i dont think i've ever heared anyone badmouth the thing, except maybe jealous VTR owners :LOL:
  7. Thanks heaps Nathan! I'll checkout that site.

  8. nah we dont have to bad mouth em, the SV does all that for us

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah seriously myself and Orlando did some fairly heavy comparisons the other week on the way to Whitfield via Mansfield etc.
    and we both had a ball, and by lunch time all the suzi this or honda that, was gone and it was more like................. oh that was FUN lets go back and do it again while we wait for the others to catch up

    :D :twisted: :p :D
  9. I'd rather have the YZF750 8)
  10. can't I have both?
  11. Now that's just being greedy :D
  12. coming from the man with:
    in his signature... :D
  13. Thought you might say that; hey I don't own them; it's just a job, someone's gotta do it?! :D
  14. Has the price on these come down?

    12 months ago they didn't seem like very good value, compared to something like the Daytona
  15. 1 thing to say about the sv1000s
    What a nice assssssssss!!!!!
    =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~
  16. What those big red stripes, kind of like a baboons bottom?
  17. with the SV1000s, one thing is that they run same motor as a TLR (which i had for a period of time) main difference is that they run different cams to give more midrange and less topend, chuck a full system and some airbox mods and it will fly.. not mention make cars move out of your way when lane splitting :)..

    should get over 100k km's easy if it is reguarly maintained
  18. I have been thinking of buying a SV1000S for my christmas present this year. The black bike looks so sexy with the black frame. Everything i have heard about these bikes has been good and it looks sexy