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NSW SV1000s original pipes

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Vertical C, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. I have got a set of original pipes. One has damage. Free.

    In Sydney, Woolloomooloo pickup
  2. Could be worth mentioning if it is the left or right with the damageā€¦
  3. I need a right hand side one only. Happy to pay the postage down to Vic if you're keen.
  4. Yeah I will check out which side is damaged. It was from the previous owner (yeah I know that is like every advertisement ever) and I have only looked at them once.

    Get back to you to see if you want them still. No idea how much postage would be.
  5. The right side was the one with damage.

    They are still available if someone wants them. BTW its only the mufflers not a full system.
  6. Why are you getting rid of them? If you're running aftermarket pipes and get pinged by the EPA you'll need them to get the bike back to roadworthy status, won't you?

    Plus, when you sell the bike the new owner may baulk if the stock pipes aren't with it.
  7. Shhh, I want one.

    How bad is the damage on the RHS pipe?
  8. No longer have the bike anymore, I sold it, and at that time I thought I had lost them in moving house, so never told the new owner about them, but they just turned up the other day.

    So I thought that I would just give them away on here. You know help a fellow biker out.
  9. Unfortunately it is noticeable it has a scratch about 20cm long, it probably went down on that side at about 10km/h.

    Probably could take a pic but it might take a few days to get onto it.
  10. Mate it doesn't sound too bad to me and I need something quieter than the shorty I'm running at the moment ;)

    If you PM me some details of how you'd like the payment made for postage I'll take the RHS off your hands and you can bin the lefty cos I know they weigh a metric shitload.

    I appreciate it too, I should never have chucked mine. :)
  11. Ok all

    The RHS is gone. The LHS which was the one with damage is still there. It has a scratch on it. If someone is desperate for one I will just keep it in my garage until I move next or clean up. If you are looking for one and see this then send me a PM.
  12. Great, thanks.
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Not open for further replies.