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VIC SV1000S - Melbourne Airport

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by se7en, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. As title says, my SV1000S was pinched from melbourne airport short term parking sometime between 18th and 21st of feb.
    Black bike with black screen, rear pegs replaced with plain black hanger.
    Pillion seat replaced with cover.

    Rego 1B4UH.

    Police have gone through all the video footage from the airport and not found anything. However I was parked just past the standard parking area, maybe that made a difference.


  2. Sorry to hear mate, you would reckon that exits of the car park would be continuously monitored. Something to remember. :(
  3. This is ridiculous. I think there was a thread a while back where another bike was stolen from Melbourne airport. It may have been just helmet and gear though. I'm not too sure. Regardless, I live in the north, so I'll keep an eye out. Seeing this though I'm never going to ride to the airport...
  4. I wouldn't be too worried about the airport - I suspect mine was a stolen to order job. Whoever took it walked past some much nicer bikes to get to mine. Other bit of advice I'd have is to park in the most obvious place possible, and have some highly visible anti theft devices. Where mine was it would have been possible to use a large van to shield it from view while they broke the steering lock / disk lock. Then wheeled it straight into the van.

    I'm just disappointed that the airport parking guys don't have cameras on the bike parking. They believe they have about 95% of the car spots monitored, but not the bikes.

    I got the feeling that they don't want to be too bothered by bikes - they don't mind too much if we don't pay, provided that we don't get in the way, and don't require specialist infrastructure.

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  5. For a few grand they could install some anchors in the ground you could chain your bike to and put a couple of cameras on the area. They could levy a very small parking fee and recoup that very easily. I don't think riders would mind paying a small fee if they knew their bikes were safer.
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  6. That sucks se7en. Best of luck with its recovery.
  7. Ummm, all riders are supposed to pay the same fee as cars - $50 per day ish. It seems that the easiest route out of the car park for riders just happens to be one that accidentally avoids the exit gates... so I've been told.

    Welcome to Melbourne, only major city in the world where there is no train service to the airport.

  8. I work at the airport sometimes and the signs say motorcycles must pay also... Don't know of any bike paying out of the 3 that I know ride daily there!! I'm a bit worried I heard a few years back 4 bikes got taken in one night. Again probably to order 1 Harley 2 gsxr 1 Honda cbr. They left a Ducati and a few 250's
  9. In that case there'd be reasonable grounds to make some noise about the lack of security in the bike parking area. If you're supposed to be paying the same fee you should be getting the same service.
  10. bad luck on the bike mate hope its recovered
  11. When did the bike's paying thing change? They used to offer MC parking at no cost because we were in a dead area of the casual parking area?
  12. Some time over the past 12 months!!! I never had a bike when I was working there at the terminal and I asked a friend who never new about having to pay. Now there are big signs saying motorcycles must pay. I asked a security guy in the car park who said yes you should pay but no one does.. Plenty of ways out besides the boom gates (cameras there)

    I think if you choose your spot it can be a little more safer but no where is safe 100%
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  13. signs have been there 2 years or more. If you want a more secure try the parking between the Virgin and Tiger terminals, as the guards at Gate 35 have a clear view.

    I don't pay, because at $58/day, could be more now, its ridiculously over priced.
  14. Is that the one you enter near the tiger terminal? Near the entry to Tarmac area
  15. If you can sneak a bike out of an airport undetected, pretty sure you can sneak a bomb in - poor form Melbourne Airport.

    Very unfortunate nevertheless :( Hope you recover your ride soon!
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  16. another example of pointless security... inconveniencing the innocent and failing to hinder criminals.... (bit like gun laws) ... if they're gonna be that slack they might as well get rid of the rest of the security nonsense and stop wasting everyones time!