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SV1000S from allbikes, Slacks creek

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ayoung, May 7, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Let me know what you think about this Bike shop, Allbikes in Moss st slacks creek.

    And what are your thoughts on this SV1000S they have there, I'm going to look at it tomorrow :)

    Take it easy, and have a good weekends riding!


  2. Looks nice. I wouldn't mind having one.
  3. I wouldn't mind having a bike like that either. But I wouldn't buy from allbikes.

    EDIT: Something looks very wrong with that radiator though. All that white shit looks like corrosion.
  4. Yea, but why not allbikes, i know its all pretty cheap, but people must buy from them....thoughts?
  5. I have heard the usual bad stuff about them.
    This is one example for you
    I had a xjr400 - it was a grey import that got written off, there were no parts in aus avaliable for it.
    A couple of months after it got written off by suncorp I saw it at allbikes. It had tape holding the tacho together, they had roughly stuck the speedo down. The foot pegs didn't match, they used a matt black spray paint on the pipe and didn't do off of it.
    Different mirrors, and the forks where replaced.
    A guy asked me if I was interested in the bike.
    I mentioned that it looked like it had been crashed, his response was that it was a small drop and had been sold after, no serious damage.
    I asked if the frame was checked - his response was that it didn't need to be as the drop was low speed.
    My mechanic that I took it to inspected it and said it was bent. Also that when they started it wasn't smooth like it used to be, you could hear it knocking.

    Allbikes guy reckons it's mechanically fine and would be ready for sale in a week.

    I am quite proud of the job I did writting it off. Went around a corner on beechmont road at about 60 went wide and hit the dirt and the bike slammed to the ground hit the guard rail and flipped.

    There is no way that bike should have ever been sold for anything other then spare parts but they thought otherwise.

    I also managed to blow both rear shocks from over extension - the same ones where on it at allbikes
  6. interesting stuff, so probably not worth it,
    I'm still gonna have a look around there,
    but yea, I'll definitely have your comments in the front of my mind

    thanks for that geeth
  7. Have a look. I mean it could be a great bike, just don't fall in love with in on shiny value.
    I was thinking of passing some time tomorrow looking at bike with my son early ish in the morning, if you want someone else to eye it over.
    The bike you posted looks good, but I am really concerned with the radiator as mentioned before.
    Springwood suzuki gets alot of good feedback. There's alot of shops along there as you probably know anyway.
    Just make sure you get a vcheck done to make sure it hasn't been written off before.
  8. SV1000's are great bikes. I had an 04 SV650S as a first bike and sometimes I wish I still had it.
    There are quite a few used SV1000's around so if you are suspect at all about this one from Allbikes walk away and look for another.
  9. Oh check out svdownunder.com
    They are a very helpful bunch. Usually have sv1000s for sale, though 650s are most common.
    They can give you heaps of advise of what to look for etc.
  10. Argh Geeth, I'm after a swingarm from a XJR400. I shoulda got in at the auction! So many bits off your old bike bolt into mine...
  11. I would not touch a bike from all bikes for the same reasons as Geeth. Mainly repaired bikes that look nice. People i know have had dramas buying from there with hidden problems that will bite you in the arse.
  12. I went and checked it out. Heaps of little things wrong with the bike, and every other bike there.
    I dunno whether it was the rusty chains or the owner pointing at a cbr600 and tell me it was a 1000 that turned me off, but I'm not planning on going back any time in the future.

    cheers guys
  13. So what was wrong with it?
    If you don't mind a travel I got my bike from sunstate motorcycles on the sunny coast. Just did my research etc before going up there. Was very happy with the service etc.
    Personally though, I would be checking out bigger dealers. Also lawrence drive in nerang has quite a few bikes.
  14. Mate, SV1000 is a great bike for the money.

    The suspension is a little basic, but at least it's fully adjustable (unlike the SV650).
    I'd probably suggest giving the suspension a little freshen up. I took mine to a suspension shop and he replaced the front forks to match my weight and tweaked the valving a bit to reduce dive and squat. At least have the fork oil and the oil in the rear shock changed (SV manual says the rear shock is non-servieable but that's crap).

    Only other thing to watch out for is to make sure you don't overtighten the sump plug bolt. For some reason, the engine block is alloy and the sump plug is mild steel, meaning that if the thread strips due to over tightening, it will be the thread in the block that goes first!!!! But this can be fixed... Just a PITA.

    It's geared pretty long so I went 4 teeth up in the rear. It made it quite perky and with usable power from 4000 through to 10000 rpm it always felt very punchy. You can go 1 down in the front, but my personal preferance was to leave the front sprocket as a 17 tooth so it would't wear quicker (some say there might be increased chain wear by using a smaller front sprocket due to the chain having to bend at a greater angle).

    All up it was a great package. I used it as a daily commuter for more than 2 years and it had 70,000km on the clock when I traded her in. That also included some trackday km's.
  15. Great advice there, cheers, that's all useful info for me. I'll post up when I settle on one.
    I rode a bandit 1250 and a sv 1000 on the weekend, both awesome machines. The bandit is a perfect fit for me, I could jump on it and feel like i know exactly what's going on. the SV however, it wants me, and I'm gonna let it take me, still smiling and its been 50 hours since i jumped off it.

    Thanks again.