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SV1000 slow T stack :(with pics):

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ayoung, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Heading home from work this afternoon, dropped into my old unit to see if there was any mail, there wasn't, so I turned back up to waterworks road.
    Ahead I see the 121 stop at the stop sign, I was doing 50km/h, then they pulled out, first reactions, brake n horn, two toots on the horn then bang!
    Connected with the RH front quater panel, skip ahead a second and I'm on the ground watching the 121 pull up and the pilot open the door just near my head and ask if I'm all right.
    I was still in the process of checking that out, but said I was ok, lay there for a good minute, after checking for all the right feeling and no soreness I got up, to see about 20 locals gathered.
    I looked down at the sad SV, fork oil all over the road front wheel hanging off.
    People start asking if I'm alright, a kind lady offered to be a witness and gave me pen and paper and her details.
    Ambos collared me and took me to the RBH, all clear from them. Not a bruise graze or cut on me, nor scratch on any of my gear. Sooo lucky to walk away with a just stiff back.
    The 121 had a bent in RH front wheel and panel damage, aswell as RH passenger door damage.
    The SV front end is rooted, lever and mirror snapped, bar end bent, LH muffler and rear indicator damaged, I think the tail has also twisted. I couldn't see a mark on the engine or tank.
    I'm still to set up the claim so that story will be future Anthony's problem.

    Lessons learnt, ATGATT worked, and complacency isn't forgiveable.





  2. Dammit man, I love SVees. Forks are too weak though, need to fit em out with gixxer front ends to make them more......'fun'.

    Glad you're ok. Hope the driver goes to gaol, or has to do 200 community hours telling people about the evils of driving a car.
  3. Glad your ok mate. Thats a real sad sight seeing an SV like that.
  4. Cheers guys,
    I need your help NR, finding a repairer, in Brisbane.
    My insurance company doesn't have a list of preferred so I have a choice, but this is something completely new to me.
  5. go to "services and providers" in the forum, i think that's what it's called - tonnes of info about places in brissy.

    also, is she paying for it? did the po po get involved?
  6. ok, so popo showed up, did all the checks, i have a witness, my insurance says I'm not at fault, as the 121 stopped at the stop sign then took off.

    and thanks, I will have a browse
  7. Good to see you're all good mate.
  8. Sounds like you are/did all the right things mate. Glad you're ok and didn't do damage to yourself. Well done also for taking pics at the scene, you must have been pretty composed to do that I reckon.
  9. I'm lucky so many people came out of there homes to see it, telling me what I needed to do, I was pretty shaky at the time. Everything thus far is working out though
  10. Good to hear you are OK
  11. Glad your okay.

    Judging from this accident and the back of her car it seems someones driving needs a bit of work...
  12. fffffffffffffffffffffffff
    wasn't she brand new before you got your dirty mitts on her??
    nice bike in the flesh too

    hopefully that muppet gets more than failure to give way. negligence or destruction of private property sound pretty good to me

    who's your insurer ant??
  13. Think I would take a ball peen hammer to the frame and write it off. It only has to be a small dent and it's unrepairable up here in SEQ.
    I don't think it's far off it now.
    Glad you are ok.
    Freeken cage drivers. If he had hit a pedestrian it would be all shock horror and in the news. But us poor old foolish riders. The media just think we deserve it for riding in the first place.
    Ten more like that and you become an honorary postie lol
  14. Had you worried less about the horn and more about an escape route, it may have turned out differently.
    When will horn blowers learn that there are far more important things to focus your last desperate milliseconds on.

    Having said that, I'm glad it was a lowish speed impact and that you are ok. Sad for the bike, it's a goner, I reckon. :-(
  15. Buy back the wreck and put a k4 gixxer thou front end in it. I have a Wilbers (minty) rear shock here for the rear end. I'll give whatever guidance you need along the way, and you will have made yourself a nice little weapon that will keep you giggling for a few more years.

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  16. Fark what am i saying? I want the engine out of it!!!!
  17. Glad to see your OK mate, defiantly worth having a think about buying it back if your mechanically inclined!