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sv 650s or hornet 900?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timbo79, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    I know these are different bikes and both have their differences but i am off my L's and cant choose which one.

    i havent test rode any of them yet (hopfuly this weekend) and was wondering wich one is faster and better for commuting and a bit of fun and where the power lies in these engines? and which would have the best ballance of low,middle and top power?

    thks guys

    safe riding
  2. neither.
    SV650 is very poor at holding its resale value (historic). And have not got the best track records as far as quality and ability to handle wear and tear. It is also a v-twin design. Shiite compared to the SV1000, which would be better against the hornet.

    Hornet 900 is an antiquity at this stage of the game. Whilst it is a Honda and has proven itself in combat quite well. You are paying premium price for a technology that is now half a decade old. As it is a 4 cyl. It is less torquey down low but has a fairly smooth power curve.

    If you must go the hornet.
  3. I think he meant Ps judging by this post https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=472203&highlight=#472203

    timbo they are both very different bikes to compare.

    One is a naked and inline 4 with a upright seating position and normal bars.

    The other is semi faired vtwin with clip on bars and a more agressive ridiing position.

    Go try 'em both and see what you think. Personally for someone straight of Ps, depending on your size I'd suggest the SV, cheaper too.
  4. Nothing wrong with the SV, now got almost a decade in production so no more "issues" with it than the Hornet.
  5. hornets are going brand new for a fraction over 10grand. depends what your plans for the bike are? if its a keeper id go the hornet, many more high kms examples than the SV floating around from what i have seen. also you cant compare low down torque in motors with a 300ml difference in capacity. i would dare say that a hornet would have more pull at all point of the power curve than an sv650. in terms of "balance" as you put it, the hornet since it still has good low down torque, whilst retaining that top end rush inherent in i4s. myself i love the big twins, while fours take a "while" to wind up, a big twin has instant punch, whilst loosing out on top end.

    go ride them both, see what you think. if you are coming off a Vtwin i would dare say you would want to stick to that configuration. dont pay off other bikes either. firestorm, sv1000, FZ6n, Z750 are just a few possibilties to mention the "do it all" catergory of bike.
  6. I test rode the hornet 900 - loved it - but bought the SV650s & feel the same.

    Very different bikes as mentioned, so totally a personal choice.

    What are you riding now?
  7. I've had the same quandry. Test rode 900 hornet, 650 sv, and vtr1000 over 2 days, and for me it came down to 2 things. Price and if I really needed lots of cc's.

    I've ordered my nekkid SV650.

    As I'm intending to keep it for a while, and do't have lots of $$ the lower price on the sv helped. I decided I didn't really need 900cc - just a personal thing. I'm not the tallest person in the world, and the sv has a better seating position for me.

    If you are only thinking of keeping whatever you choose for a year or two, I'd suggest the horny - poss better resale. Same if you are tall - less cramped. Otherewise I'd say get the sv. There's a good SV650 site in the uk - sv650.org

    At the end of the day you've got to get what you like, it's soooo down to the individual. Some like beef, others chook.
    Hope this 10 cents worth helps. :)
  8. I bought a hornet a couple of months ago and cannot fault it.

    The "current" models race off the mark with instant power and if your lazy, you can leave it in sixth gear for most of your needs.Fuel injected power!!!!

    I am not the tallest person in the world, but the seat height and position are great.

    It handles great through the twisties, even though I still have to learn the bikes full capabilities.

    I have done a few little day trip touring with no discomfort at all. I commute each day on it and you really appreciate the extra HP to get out of those tight circumstances.

    Do a search and Loz did a great write up on them after binning his in Victoria.

    start with braided lines, oggy knobs and centre stand as the first mods.

    When I was researching what to buy, I could not find one person to say a bad word about these bikes and now I know why.

    great bike!!

  9. As others have said, it pretty much depends on what you want to do. Both are really nice bikes. If you imagine spending much time on freeways something with a fairing might be valuable, but both of those bikes would be great around town. In terms of what you're looking at already, the VTR1000 Firestorm is, IMO, something you should definitely add to the mix. V-twin, bigger capacity, fairing... I had been pretty fixated on getting an SV650 when I upgrade for a while, but have to admit I'm now leaning much more strongly toward a Firestorm.
  10. thanks guys for the responses like you all say it is best to get out there and test ride them. for sum reason i just love the looks of the horney 900. and the price for new is a good deal. i have the day off work today and i think i might go for a test ride on the horny 900. i think there is a local dealer in werribee on old geelong rd. hopfuly they are accomodating.

    safe riding fellars....
  11. If you are buying a new hornet 900, any dealer will not move down from $10 990 drive away. Try screwing them down through the add ons etc.

    You'll test ride one and come away buzzing with excitement.

    good luck


  12. They are Honda & Suzi. Last time I checked they didn't have an SV650's in, just a thou (*drool*). I'm not sure how you'll go with a test ride on a new bike out this way (unless its a KTM).

    My two cent; buy the SV, buy some pipes. Ahhh, the noise is bliss.
  13. I can at least offer my thoughts on the sv650s, though my opinion is that of a relatively inexperienced rider. I've had my silver sv650s for about 6 months after selling the trusty zzr250.

    Firstly, and most importantly, it's a frikkin gorgeous bike! I smile every time I see it and that's a great thing.... superficial, but great.

    Coming from a little bike it feels very powerful too, and the delivery is smooth, strong and easily controlled. It's easy to ride and very forgiving in terms of gear selection. It's quick off the line and physically narrow, which makes it good in traffic, but the clip-on bars may take some time to get used to if you're used to a more upright position.

    I love riding in the twisties and feel I haven't come close to the limits of the bike yet. I'm getting round the corners of the Black Spur at twice what the suggested-speed signs recommend, which is fun, though LOTS of folks out there are going LOTS faster! The good thing is that the sv650s is with me all the way. Predictable and well-behaved.... she inspires confidence.

    Now, it might just be me, but sometimes I find the linear power delivery a bit boring. Sometimes I want more power. Sometimes I want a more obvious powerband to ride within. BUT, I think this is just me being stupid and fickle. I want a different bike every week! When I'm honest with myself I know I'm not a good enough rider to warrant anything more powerful than the sv650s.

    I've read that the suspension leaves a lot to be desired, but I don't know any better! I adjusted the preload a bit to compensate for my 82kgs and now she seems settled and secure in the corners. I guess the more bikes I ride and the more experiences I get will change my opinion of the stock suspension but for now I'm happy to be ignorant.

    Anyway, for what it's worth there's the opinion of an inexperienced sv650s rider. I love it. I consider it the best bike I could have bought for the money and the best suited to my needs.

    (I also thought this about the zzr250, and when I go back to one now it feels like a piece of cr*p.)

    TEST RIDE, TEST RIDE, TEST RIDE!!! (It's the ONLY way to know).

    Good Luck!
  14. thanks again guys i think for sum reason hedding towards the hornet. although i have read sum great reviews about the new bandit 1050 s AND THE PRICE ON THEM IS GREAT. a lot of bike for not much money. again it would be hard to compair the two (hornet 900 and the bandit)

    obviously port80 u are from this side of town. think i might drop in on the honda dealler tomorrow and have a test of the hornet 900. and maby head to peter stevens for a look at the bandit 1050s. they were out of stoke ast time i droped in....and has anyone ridden the 1050s bandit??? wouldent mind sum feedback about that sweet sounding machine.....

    and thanks jeff.......i think the hornet is the one or mab. the 1050s...

    cheers everyone!!
  15. Go the V-twin. Far more forgiving for novice riders. (and they sound fantastic too)

    Why are you considering a 900 straight off your 'L's ? What about a 600 Hornet or yamaha FZ6 ?
  16. +1

    edit: the hornets and fizzer LOOK boring (to me). Can't comment on how they go for obvious reasons. I dont like the look, but its such a quality bike for the price I'm trying to convince myself to ignore how it looks. But I'm not along in my thoughts.. Loz wrote:

  17. EDIT: just had to remove a sentence 'cause it may have been misconstrued as threatening ......and Phizog is definately not worth being banned from here..............that's for sure!!

    You can now p1ss into the wind as far as a ride goes..............!!

    I doubt whether you have even ridden a hornet 900 being on restrictions and about to be disqualified and yet you know everything there is to know about every bike ever made :LOL:
  18. i agree there jeff....i may be just off my L's but between u and me i have ridden a few faster bikes. oops forgot its is the www isent it oh well now everyone knowes... and i dnt really appreciate a learners imput when it is of no use.....
  19. :grin: :grin:

    I should reiterate. I'm sure they go like stink! :) But the looks seem a bit bland to me. Despite that, I AM seriously considering a second hand one, since for 8-8.5k you can get an 05 one with low kms and some accessories, and by anyones standard thats a freakn bargain considering you can pass it to your grand children's grand children. Definitely on my list to try (as I'm selling my bike v soon and will have the dosh to upgrade, hint hint jeff :cool: ). Only problem as I said, is the looks and the sound.

    But hey, I haven't ridden it so I cant comment on the sound. And I used to think the sv650s was fugly, and now I want its babies. The test ride could change everything, if its fun and exciting its definitely a goer as I really want something that I can keep and not have to worry about upgrading for more power in a years time, and can put as many kms as I want on it without complaint.

    BUT I was riding through traffic with an sv650 with a great exhaust today and my gawd I nearly jumped off and started humping it.. :shock:

    Decisions decisions.. how will I ever choose a bike??

    And yes, I know everything about every bike/car Jeff :LOL:
  20. Thanks Kris. You can learn alot from reading about them. You read the opinion of 100 other people who have owned/ridden them, thus allowing you to form a fairly unbiased experience of them :cool:

    Besides, if reading up on them doesn't give you any information about them, what are you doing now??? Reading up on what others are saying about them?? :LOL: :LOL: