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SV 650 Repaired Write-off

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Bravus, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. (fair enough on the locking of the old thread during to my experiment with pimping in General Discussion, Mouth... but OK if I restart the topic here (where it's on-topic) without doing that?)

    Spadge pointed me to an auction site, and there were plenty of examples of repairable write-offs, including a couple of SVs. My ideal is probably an N, but say I got an S with a straight frame etc that had basically been written off because of the cost of fairings...

    1. Is there much cost involved in streetfightering one? Is it just ripping off the fairing and maybe re-routing some wires, or would I need new headlights, complicated mounts, whatever?

    2. If it's streetfightered can it be registered? Or does it have to be restored?

    3. Any other major 'gotchas' with repairable write-offs? (Or a point to a link where that's been discussed?)
  2. Bravus - you can do whatever you want to the bike, I know two mechanics that do this here in Sydney on the side. Do a few bikes a year - sell them at around 10-15% under normal price and get an OK earn out of it.

    Streetfight anything, as the fairings are mainly there for aerodynamics - but of course still need to protect from sharp edges and other "dangerous" items to pedestrians. You will also have to go to motor registry office over the pits where they will check everything from rotors to lights and of course noise.

    Good luck with it all and let us know how it all goes
  3. That's a great one, Pete, and suggests that (at least in NSW), 'streetfightering a formerly faired bike is not an issue for registration. If I go in seriously to buying and rebuilding a bike I'll ring Queensland Transport just to double-check before plunking the money down... and depending on what's available will likely go for a naked anyway.

    Thanks Toecutter too for the further help.
  4. what is the website you were talking about in regards to repairable writeoffs?
  5. I have it bookmarked at home, and will post the link from there, but I just googled something like 'queensland repairable write-offs' or words to that effect and found it pretty easily.
  6. Thankyou, damn it is in QLD :)
  7. Hi Bravus,

    Sounds like a fun project! a few thoughts that i had - do you have a trailer? i'd imagine you'd need to drive it around various places for written off inspection, safety cert and rego. you probably can get permission to ride it to these (with the purchase of CTP) but i'd bet it would be a lot less hassle with a trailer.

    Second thought is that plastic welding is actually pretty easy. it might be better to get broken fairings and have an ugly welded but complete fairing for the roadworthy. this way the bike would be in as close to stock form as you'd get it, which might make the roadworthy easier. after it's on the road, then spend some time streetfightering it. i don't have much experience with this, but i'd guess that non-standard lights etc might make it more difficult, especially if you've got a picky inspector.

  8. Yeah, I was thinking about just those two things this morning... so nice psychic work there. ;) I don't own a trailer but can probably hire one - I need to get a tow bar on the car very soon anyway for other purposes. I'd need one even to pick it up - most of the ones I've seen aren't ridable. And yeah, given that the lights, mirrors and blinkers are likely on the fairing, there's a fair bit of work in streetfightering a bike and lots of chances for something to not pass inspection. I have to toss up whether it's better to do that or get a naked (but it'll presumably have more important damage to write it off)... but you've suggested an excellent third approach that could work. Thanx.
  9. If you pick carefully the bike wont take much to get roadworthy and thats all you really nead to do. You don't have to get it completely repaired just enough to make it roadworthy. Mine still has scratches but I am fixing that after christmas. It only cost $50.00 to get it repaired and roadworthyable(if thats a word). Inspections are $330.00. Safetey certificate around $50.00. I had my roadworthy done at ipswich but i hear darra tyre and mechanical do them aswell.
  10. Mate, there are soooo many aftermarket indicators, lights, handlebars etc available, you'll be fine! And it will work out a lot cheaper than factory stuff!
    So long as it still complies with the relevant ADR's, has roadworthy everything and is not leaking fluids you'll get rego.

    Regards, Andrew.