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SV 650 or SV1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Pom80y, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I have recently sold my lams bike (cbr250rr) and am looking to upgrade to a bigger bike.

    Today I rode an SV thou and a 650.

    I prefer the feel of the thou but am worried it may be too big a step. I'm not into high speed wheelies etc, just want a good torquey bike for the daily commute.

    Do you think im jumping in too deep?
  2. ive never ridden the thou, but my 650s is a brilliant bike. plenty of torque and power for my needs, great fun.

    i dont commute on it (except for trade school once a week), and it does that fine. easy to steer through the traffic and plenty of low down power. i spent a week in tassie carrying camping gear, and it handled that fine as well. weekend fun, well, it does that too :D

    as i said, cant comment on the thou, but the 650 is a brilliant piece of machinery.
  3. You'll be fine, the tonne is forgiving. If it's only for commute don't bother, if you want to stretch your wings at some stage then go for it.
  4. I definately want to do more riding on a bigger bike

    The cbr was rubbish for long journeys
  5. The 1000 makes a lousy commuter - it really doesn't like being lugged below 4k rpm, which means you will always be riding around town jerkily in low gears using lots of fuel.

    The 650 by comparison is smooth as silk at low revs and plenty torquey (and powerful) enough to handle any situation.
  6. No its not too big of a step.

    I owned the sv650s for a year as an upgrade to my (zzr) 250. Great bike, fairly capable and really good commuter plus lots of weekend fun. I had a big sporty for a few years and am now on the big SV thou. I dont commute on it (have a 125 for that), and wouldn't want to - whilst its quite fuel efficient when maintaining speeds (5L/100 at legal freeway speeds), the fuel consumption is pretty crap in traffic.

    If you're going to commute on it alot, the 650 would make more sense, alot easier in bad traffic. 650 is also very cheap to run and service.

    I should probably point out though that after a year of the SV650 I felt the urge to move on to something more capable. But even now, if I could only have one bike I'd get another 650.
  7. I should point of that I live in Newcastle and the majority of my commute is on a 90kmh dual carriageway for 10ks and then maybe 2k on normal streets.
  8. Had the thou, haven't ridden the 650. I liked the thousand but had the one with the full fairings. Its not hugely powerful but will get up pretty quickly if you give it to it. The suspension was a little disappointing.
  9. Ah righto, well then no problems with the thou if you want it as my comments were about slow speed bad traffic situations, stop and start- and it sounds like you dont have to deal with that in your very short commute.

    So if you want the thou, go for it. They're only about as powerful as a modern 600 supersport so it shouldn't be an issue to handle, the power is very linear and quite a flat torque curve so no surprises.

    svdownunder.com has lots of info and there are some SVs for sale there too.
  10. I'd go for the thou, if only for the hydraulic clutch.
  11. Roughly how much more is the thou to service?
  12. if you can't ride get the thou, it hides poor mid/exit corner speed ;)