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SV 650 engine problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Dirty TRiX, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Guys and Gals,

    Checked out an SV650 today. Had Hindle pipe (sounded awesome) and a few other goodies.

    Two problems I found when I looked at it stopped me from buying it today that I need to research.

    One - this is the biggie. It seemed to have an intermittant ticking from the front cylinder that kind of sounded like a sticky valve. It was VERY intermittant though and pretty hard to accurately diagnose with the very VERY loud pipe.

    Anyone come across this sort of issue on their SV before?

    Two - it seemed to have a minor oil leak from the oil drain plug, yet seemed to have oil on the other side of the engine forward of the plug and substantially higher up.

    Now I know when you get an oil leak it gets into all sorts of places but still... that seemed a bit odd.

    Between the two it was enough to put me off without checking other examples.

    Anyone experienced the ticking noise im talking about?
  2. It sounds like the noise is not uncommon. Check link.

    With oil, you'd be amazed where it ends up :!:
  3. Hmmmm....

    Given the fact that the main reason I wanted to buy a new(er) bike is to have a stress free life it's something I will have to dwell on. If it is a common problem and this is a very low milage bike it might be a "have to live with it" kind of thing. Certainly little valve train noises can go on for a very long time with no dramas.

    Other than that it seemed really sweet. Awesome low end power for a middleweight, and the sound with that pipe was pure bliss.

    Ahhh... the stresses of spending your last bits of hard earned on a bike.
  4. The flip side is that you could buy another SV that is quiet for now but could make the same noise later.

    At the very least you could bargin because of it if the seller wants to sell.

    Have a chat to your local Suzi dealer/mechanic and see what they say.
  5. The fact that it was so intermittant and such a clear individual tick seems not quite to fit in, although it's certainly still possible. There wasnt anything else that really made me take note other than the noise itself.

    It did seem to be worse (as in more common but still just a one off tick) after a short blip of the throttle. that's the sort of thing that tends to show camchain noises so that ties in.

    I have no reasons to doubt the milage though. The engine felt very strong. It was clean from a cold start etc.

    Worth maybe seeing how much I can bargain down on this point - because the rest of the bike seemed pretty good.

    If it ends up being something else (eg a stuck valve) then if I can bargain a grand off it it should be ok anyway.
  6. Could be an exhaust leak too, they can sound like valve train under teh right conditions.
    A compression check will show up suspect valves, as will a vacuum gauge, the gauge will flicker when the valve sticks.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. If your gut feeling tells you these thigns are too big for you to be comfortable....walk away.

    How intermittant is the ticking? Does it tick when you give it a rev from idle or hold a certain rev range? Is it a tick or a knock? If it is a tick I would guess it's the cam chain. :roll:

    A SV engine from a wrecker will cost you 2.5 grand (just in case you want to use it for bargaining ;) )
  8. The tick seemed to occur after the engine was slowing down from a blip on the throttle, but was idling or near idle.
  9. Really does sound like exhaust to me, you often get that sort of sound out of an exhaust when the mixture leans out coming back down from revs..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Very clearly coming from the front not the back. If course that could be from the head/exhaust flange.
  11. At a gues I'd say the cam chain tensioner is cactus. It's pushing out under load at revs and taking a bit to come back in as it goes back to idle.

    It's common to replace them with manual items (I have a manual item on mine), but it's disappointing it needs to be done on modern bikes.

    They are easy to fit, but the forum seems to indicate you will eventually need 2 and they are about $100 each. I don't think I'd do 1 on a v-twin.

    As someone noted, walk away if you are a bit sus, but don't discount the sv because of one ordinary example.