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Suzy gs500 carb problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Billsy, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hi guys...just had fitted needle n seat seals and put carby back on bike...but...forget where hoses go...got tank hoses to petcock, breather to tank, hose connected to bottom of carb, airbox hoses ok, but top of carb are 2 connectors...in the middle is a hose ...maybe breather?? and on the side I got hose connected to petcock...anyone got a diagram or advice pleeeease?? Done a search & downloaded manual but no help.

  2. Might have got it right...just found a diagram...but...u know what the net`s like ;)
  3. Did you sort it? There was a thread on this very problem about two weeks ago I think, a search should turn it up.
  4. Think it`s sorted...got res and main hoses back to front, but will run it empty before I go taking tank off again...hard working with full tank ](*,)
  5. Most GSs run their hoses parallel from tank to selector valve, but for '01 and '02 year models they crossed over. Note, you can't trust the manuals, one of them shows the hoses the wrong way round! Lots of help and more info if you search on GStwins.com.
  6. Just found this:

  7. Thanx for those images, Mole...came across some conflicting diagrams...but the ones u found look ok...mine`s an `03 model...so might have changed routing somewhere along the way...maybe lol
  8. If you do get the hoses back to front, I assume that means when the petcock is "On" its really on reserve, and visa versa.

    But would Prime still work as expected?

    I'm now positive my hoses are either back to front, or the fueltank petcock isn't working. (last fill I put in 18.5l and it was still switched to "On")
  9. With putting in that much fuel, it was definitely not running on the normal "on" position. Why not change over the hoses and see how you go? If you are careful and take note of how many kilometres you have done, you shouldn't run into any problems with running out of fuel.
  10. Ok...put hoses on their proper connections...took bike for a run & it`s hesitating & surging at low speeds, so today, i`ll give the float bowls a little tap, maybe take carbs off again & re check needle & seat...also fueling up right hand plug...if that don`t work...maybe send off to get carbs synched...still researching net... I`m a novice at bike mechs, so it`s an experience ;)