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Suzukis GSXR K9 starting/battery problems HELP plz

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BKN, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Got a GSXR600 K9. Went for a ride one day after recently purchasing it, it was fine, turned it off, went to start it, it wouldnt start. So went home charged up the battery, it started afew times, then died again.

    Not thinking to test the battery, went and bought a new one, whacked it in it was fine for afew days. Bike stalled, and is now dead and wont start at all.

    Can someone shed some light? Obviously its not the battery. Its unlikely to be the alternator? I'll test it while when i get a chance, see if voltage drops or peaks.

    Alot of people say its the regulator? How can i test this?

    Also bike has only done 5000kms.

    Cheers and thanks in advance for the help guys.
  2. Suzuki announced a nationwide recall on vin ranges of certain models recently due to a batch of regulator/rectifiers having issues. If you ring your nearest Suzuki dealer and give them your VIN they will be able to check and see if your bike is subject to the recall.

    Assuming the battery is in good condition it sounds like either the stator or reg/rec is the culprit. The bike is not generating any charge so it's running the lights, ECU etc off the battery you just charged...as you have found out once it's flat it's all over.
  3. check and see if it's got a Honda regulator :LOL:
  4. ...or an old Triumph one hornet.

    Sounds very much like the R/R unit. If you get the bike started, put a volt meter across the battery, rev her up to ~5000rpm and see what voltage you read. Less that 13.4V shows the R/R is not working properly.

    Warning: I had this happen to my Triumph a few months ago (R/R passing a low voltage; 12.4V @5000rpm) and on the ride home the R/R decided to whack out 17.8V. Took out the ECU and blow all the active globes... luck she was under warranty or it would have been expensive!
  5. Regulators/Rectifiers what ever you want to call them, fail in alot of bikes because of poor placement. My 96 + 2001 GSXR750s blew a few of these due to them being placed on the side of the bike behind the rear cowl with no air flow. In badly burnt out/short circuited cases, check for melted plastic plugs coming from this and to anywhere else (around the battery) to confirm, but as others have said this is common on many bikes....

    The single only other random thing I had on my 96 model was a cracked battery cell. It made intermittent contact so over bumps etc, the bike would go dead (no lights/ignition/zip) but then come back on an instand later....very scary knee down around a corner! But this was on a stunt bike which copped alot of abuse so I'd go with checking that recitifer first and going from there....
  6. The issue being they like to catch fire pictures here!
  7. This has happend recently to a guy on rats too caugth fire while he was riding it