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suzuki XF650 vs KLE500

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ssandor, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I have my eye on a 1998 XF that has done 40,000 km for around $A3,500 and I'm comparing it to a 2007 Kwaka KLE500 with 11,000 km for A$5,500.
    I just want to ride on weekends, 2-300 km each ride on open road and winding hills. Very little bush, if any.
    Can anyone comment on the XF compared to the KLE

    I am a 'mature age' rider and I am currently on a LAMS restriction and I would prefer not to have to change bikes when I come off them, hence going with the largest capacity I can get.

  2. These are both big singles, the cc part doesnt translate well to "biggest size you can get" in the power capacity.
    Both will have poor highway comfort. Travelling at 100kmph on a single is vibration heaven. Brakes are single rotors and are as bad if not worse than a 250cc.

    For weekend riding in comfort you would be better off with a more road focused bike. CB400,CB600 SV650 or something simelar. Better handling , power brakes and comfort at highway speeds.

    Ive had the KLR650 for bush and it was good, but for highway cruising it was shocking and burn oil on extended trips. The brakes where terrible, but it wasnt designed for the long trips
  3. Sorry I don't know about the XF but the KLE500 is in fact a twin - 499cc to be exact. It's the same motor used in the ER5 and GPZ500s.

    I own the GPZ500 - great bike to learn on. The motor is fairly torquey and will move you along nicely at freeway speeds (on the GPZ at least - would depend on how the KLE is geared ultimately). Pretty bullet proof motor / gearbox as far as I'm concerned.

    Nice little review of the KLE500 here - http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/kawasaki_kle500_2007.php
  4. The XF650 (Freewind I think it was called for a while) is a 650cc single, same engine as the DR650.

    I haven't ridden one, but it's more like a BMW F650 than a KLR650. They were brought in to Oz in limited numbers, i.e, it didn't sell very well.

    I agree with Stookie, if you're going to be on sealed roads then get a true road bike. But, if you're going to do a mix of sealed and unsealed then look at the KLE500, XF650, F650 and maybe the Aprilia Pegaso (sp).

    If you're going to do some dirt stuff, then look at the DR650, KLR650 etc, but get a set of 17" rims with road rubber as well.
  5. agree with the last 2 poster, the kle is a parallel twin not a single.....but if only road use get a roadie, why make the comprimise if you only plan to ride the black top, if you want to get a little more off then very nice fire trails i reckon the kle is a good middle ground bike
  6. A 2007 KLE 500 MIGHT also be fuel injected, it was introduced right about then. Fuel injection is a big buying point.
    I like the KLE, it's a good compromise bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. The KLE has carbs. They are a little heavier and therefore the KLR650 is usually chosen over the top of for dual sport work. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Personally I like it as a slow work mule.

    The freewind is the predecessor to the V strom 650. Don't know much about them.
  8. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments.
    Much appreciated
  9. the previous model Honda Transalp is LAMS approved.. a nice v-twin and very comfy to ride.. a good mix between the XF and KLE