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Suzuki X7 scambler?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Orb, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. G'day guys and girls.
    Anybody who's noticed my sig knows I have a spare pair of X7's sitting around. To put it simply, both need rebuilds from the ground up - or the cranks up I should say... I'm now wondering if they would make a decent screaming scrambler/stinky motard...

    Longer legs front and back, new wheels and brakes (or maybe nick the front end from a dirt bike, I know a local bloke who can build me a suitable tank, body work and guards.
    Finding someone to make new pipes and expansion chambers may be more "interesting" though.
    Cut some un-needed bits from the frame - one needs repairs anyway I think.
    Can replace most of the electronics with new parts. Decent lights as well.
    Dirt bars. ect ect.
    Stock standard she weighs as much as a ninja 250 and is slightly less powerful... Thinking about that stinky twin fireing twice each rev and ripping up some dirt makes my inner nutcase grin though :D

    What do you lot recon?
  2. Farken do it dude, make one into a full-on street tracker and the other into a full-on enduro machine.
  3. Just pulled her out of the shed, 5 kicks and she started on two and a half year old fuel and gearbox oil that has leaked into the crank...

    Spanner time!
    Edit: Added video.
  4. Tough as a brick shit house, Suzukis!
  5. Spent a few hours tearing her to bits, started like this. Photo doesn't show the rubbish and webs all over it.

    And here's what she looks like now. Note the assistant mechanic in the background, they like to poke their heads in and have a look around when I'm tinkering

    The frame damage I'm worried about. Rust/rot hole?
  6. Looks a bit too round to be a rust/rot hole. I think my DR650 has a similar hole(s?) at the bottom of the frame. It's likely a hole for letting moisture escape. Spray some rust preventative spray into the whole every once in a while and it will be just fine.
  7. That's what we think it might have been as well, then got filled and painted over. Only became aware of said hole when water started pissing out of the frame one day -_-\

    I will probably end up using the bottom end and frame of this bike

    Apparently the top end seized when it only 20 or 30 thousand on the clock, and was left under a tree and in various sheds for years. Frame looks to be in a lot better condition at least.

    When red was restored by a previous owner they did some rather interesting things... painted the inside of the crank cases - silver paint comes out in each oil change.

    They also tracked down a set of pistons and rings that were just larger than the stock bore, then honed the cylinders near horizontal instead of the normal cross-hatch pattern. Learned all this when putting a new base gasket in there after the old ones blew out on a big hill outside Bathurst :shock:.
    Good thing though is that she's ready for the 1st oversize set of "normal" pistons. Score.

    So I may be able to get one good bike out of these two and sell some of the stock parts that are still in good order and harder to get a hold of these days.
  8. Awww man, it would be really cool if you could manage to restore both bikes, but one old bike is better than none!! At least selling the rareish parts should offset the cost of the restoration a bit :)
  9. Given that, in the UK, a well thrashed X7 was reckoned to have an engine life expectancy of maybe 10,000 miles, 20-30,000 kms isn't too bad :D.

    Personally I don't know about a scrambler, but I think there's potential there for a flat tracker.
  10. Bloody hell, what did you poms do to the poor things? o_O
    Stick dead fish in the gearbox to save oil?
  11. Just rode them as they begged to be ridden :D.

    Seriously, a good one is very thrashable. I have vivid memories of having a go on a mate's freshly run in (after a full crank and top end rebuild) but, IIRC, fairly standard example and it just buzzed and buzzed and kept producing power really sweetly. Not being used to having a working tacho I was just riding it by feel for about 10 or so very enjoyable miles, then I happened to look down and had one of those "OhmygodImscrewingitandcantaffordtopayforablowup!" moments when I saw the tacho needle well beyond the red sector.

    Not great for engine life, but it just felt so damn good :twisted:.
  12. Ah.
    Hmm... maybe it was a good thing that my clogged up exhausts and pod filters moved the power band down around 3000RPM to 5000RPM then... Made her fairly average on "highways" but hella fun around town :D
    This time it might be a good idea to try and make my own intake boots to increase the intake length and hopefully put the power band back up where it belongs.

    I'm still thinking my thoughts out loud at this time though.

    Edit: Thinking a Cafe racer now... Oh and were chains snapping and takeing out the lower parts of the engine cases common Pat? Both bikes have done it -_-\
  13. I'm not aware of it on X7s specifically, but it was a known risk on most Japs of the era, especially with the cheap, crappy, non-o-ring chains which were all most of us could afford. Damage tended to be not so much by impact as the chain would bunch up around the front sprocket and sorta burst the case.
  14. The damage seems to fit that description actually - lower most bolt "mount" is snapped of and the case surrounding it is cracked and pushed down and outwards, exactly the same damage on each one.

    Defently thinking cafe racer now - clip ons, rear sets, a seat that doesn't weigh 10Kg, smaller lights ect ect.

    Edit: Gah who was it that used to race these? Wayne Gardener? Trying to find a pic of their bike!
  15. Motorcycle Mechanics (predecessor to Performance Bikes) built a very hot one for their Shootout feature (X7 vs RD250) back in about 1979 or so. There's probably a pic somewhere on the web but I wouldn't recommend making yours look like that :sick:.
  16. Pulled a few more bits off today

    How she stands atm
    Note only the passenger foot pegs are still there, and the new bars. Thinking about rear sets and clip ons, these are the closest I can get to them for now.

    Will start digging into the engine on the weekend. Top end of first, take out everything under the cases then take what's left out of the frame and split it.
    Waiting for an email about some engine parts.
  17. First money spent on the project;
    Pair of keys for blue, cut from the ignition - $25
    Rubber tube to block of the oil tank $3
    Total of $28 so far... looks like I will be spending $2000 ~ $2500 on the engine though 8-[

    Used the keys to unlock blue's steering lock and pulled her out of the shed. A lot less surface rust on this frame, and the hole isn't in this one. Guess this will be the frame used. Does anybody know if it's possible and legal to have the hole repaired?

    The engine is out of red anyway, just need to get it down to a bike shop so they can pull the flywheel, then the cylinders come of and the case gets split :)

    Anybody know of a good quality digital tacho for two strokes that is accurate and doesn't lag?
  18. Well I've got both engines split and torn down (mostly).
    Bit of wear in reds gearbox, mainly on the gear dogs, and one of the gear selector forks is "burnt". Still trying to work that one out...

    This is what one of the spare shafts looks like though...

    Tomorrows work: inspect the rest of the gearbox parts and blues frame for damage, get the bike shop to look up the price of a bottom end kit and a few other bits, and find something to use as a fork tool (meter long 1/2inch ratchet bar?)
    Edit: oh yeah I f**ked the coils pulling the flywheel *palmface*
    I wanted to replace all the electrics anyway.
  19. Got a friend at the bike shop to look the above shafts over, all good :D
    Frame is stripped and disassembled, just need to knock the races for the steering head out. Trying to find someone who can look the frame over for damage and make sure it is straight. No point in rebuilding the engine if there's nothing to put it back into.
    Oh and to cut the un-needed bits from the frame as well. And weld a few extra bits on :)

    Spent the last few days looking at my brake and suspension options.
    These up front http://www.racetech.com/page/title/Emulators
    Rear shocks I'm not sure yet. Thinking get the same lot as above to build something or find someone local that can do the same. Anybody know someone?
    Front brake I want to replace with something more modern and better working, both the disc and the hydraulics. Been looking through EBC's parts books have haven't come up with anything suitable yet though.
  20. A decent (modern) caliper, braided line and master cyl will do wonders even on the stock disc.