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Suzuki VX800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pete the freak, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. So I'm considering getting rid of the Hyosung and getting a 'real' bike.

    Was looking at bikesales yesterday and saw a suzuki VX800 for sale for about $5,000. Never seen these before, but they look kinda cool.


    Anyone ridden one or owned one??
  2. They got good reviews when they came out, but didn't sell that well. They didn't make sense on paper. They weighed something like 206kg, which was not much less than a gsx-r1100 of the same era, but made around half the power.

    $5000 sounds really dear, considering they were a late 80s, early 90s bike.

    I wouldn't mind one for the work I do, but finding a low k example for the right price would be impossible.

    It's a shame they didn't keep developing the bike. Shave 15 kg off it and it would have made so much more sense.
  3. Modest HP, but OK torque. As ibast said, bit too heavy.

    Power: 63.00 HP (46.0 kW)) @ 6500 RPM
    Torque: 73.55 Nm (7.5 kgf-m or 54.3 ft.lbs) @ 5500 RPM

    A good example for $5K, wouldn't be money too badly spent, purely for the unique style. And IMHO be a much easier ride that an in-line four.
  4. Not quite, they were produced from 1990-1997 and I don't think they made it over here until '91 or '92. It is an American designed bike from Suzuki's Design Studio in Brea, California. It's shaft drive, which is where the weight comes from, but depending on what you want from a bike, shaft drive is quiet, ,clean, low maintenance and reliable (I own bikes with both shaft and chain). These are becoming quite rare and collectible,, so a good one will never be worth less than you pay for it, and will almost certainly appreciate if looked after. I have read of these things doing phenomenal high mileages without problems in the USA where they are a bit of a cult long distance mount.
  5. Won't argue. I was thinking of a magazine I have at home, which I thought was 1989, which had a review, but I could well be misremembering the date. May be late 1991.

    I'd offer to scan the article for Peter, but I'm off to site for a couple of weeks starting this arvo.
  6. I've only ever seen a couple of these around, I think they look kinda cool.

    The ones I've seen for sale were about $4.5k.
  7. The one I was looking at was a '91 I think.

    Shaft drive, that's what piqued my interest. I'd been looking for something similar to the old Honda NT650 Revere (650cc V twin shaft drive naked - looks like a beefed up spada), and stumbled across the VX. Looks really grabbed me, I really like the slightly raked front end, gives is a little bit of cruiser style.

    While it wouldn't win any drag races, it appears to be a reasonably solid commuter/occasional 2up tourer.

    Hmmm, keeps thinking....
  8. Thanks but don't worry, I've already found a few reviews and scanned articles on the net...

    Just for interest, here a piccie:

  9. Maybe out of your budget, but what about a Vmaxx

    For an extra couple of grand, much more bike for the money :cool:
  10. Only if you never intend to go round corners. The V-Max is possibly the worst handling bike I have ever ridden, with maybe the exception of the HD Softail and Kawasaki H1.....
  11. Interesting, I've never had ridden one :? Though did read some forum reviews, and whilst a big bike with a ton of torque, it would never handle like a sports bike - but didn't remember it being that bad and what's a set of forks and rear suspension gonna cost :p
  12. I've only ever ridden one on Tourist Trophy (PS2), so I don't know what the ride is like, but IMHO, they are one of the ugliest bikes I've ever laid my eyes on. Sorry.
  13. That's cool - just enjoying trying to spend your money :p
  14. Its amazing what happens when a bike is discontinued and gains cult status :LOL: Those of us old enough to remember the damn thing when it was launched, and the press onslaught on its lovely flexible frame, or to have actually tried to high speed corner one with the resulting almost uncontrollable weave, seem to have a very different view.
  15. An extra couple of grand over a vx800 will only buy you the cr@p early models with rediculously thin flexible fork legs and poor brakes.

    The later ones (>$10k) were much better specced, although still can't turn. Muscle bike all the same.
  16. Friend had a VX800 and loved it.

    It'd have to be in REALLY good condition for the age... being unpopular they're cheap to buy. Very low maintainance (shaft drive), over engineered (read pretty bloody heavy for their power) but all in all a reasonable bike thats a bit different.

    Mid size twins never sold well in australia until the SV650. Really only it and the GS500 have had any major success with that format.

    There's been plenty of good midsize twins that just never caught on despite them being bloody good bikes. Revere and Bros, GR650, GPZ500S, VT500, V65 Guzzi, CX500 Maggot/CX650, VX800, etc.