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Suzuki Vstrom 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Old EmmGee, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Interested to hear what any riders/prospective riders think of this bike.

  2. I love it. Do a search.
  3. Sat on one a couple of weeks ago. Could just touch the ground. Guess I have to go on the rack for a few hours. Luv the look though.
  4. Best bits:

    1) most comfortable motorcycle I've ever ridden, hands down. Could easily do the 400km tank range in a sitting. Yeah it's a bit tall, but brilliantly balanced once you're moving. Bars and levers sat 'just so' for me, it felt like it was designed around me.

    2) Exceptionally nimble and chuckable in the twisties, this little puppy feels like it'll lean forever. You're so high up that visibility is great, and the feeling of cornering lean is amplified. Will get along at a good speed and deliver great confidence through its longish-travel suspension. Bumpy roads = no problem.

    3) Responsive, economical, unfussed engine that just got the job done. Enough grunt for a nice wheelie, and loads of power at all legal speeds and a little beyond. 'Course it's no racetrack bike and top speed wouldn't be all that, but hey.

    It probably does mild gravel and dirt well too, I didn't test it out for that so much.

    AMCN rated it "the most practical and sensible bike around for Australian conditions" and I haven't ridden anything that would could touch it in that category. I'm not big on sensible motorcycles right now, but if that were to change I have very fond memories of the wee-strom. Resale values seem very high, nobody's getting rid of theirs second hand. There's some great deals around on brand newies. I have no reservations in recommending this bike for just about any sensible, legal, non-racetrack use.
  5. One of the guys at work has the Vstrom 1000.

    he loves it after 2 yrs of riding it, and every mag review I have read, or prev owner comment reflects this.

    I looked at one, and couldn't decide which genre it fitted into. Suzuki seemed to create their own little niche with the Vstrom.
  6. Absolutely love it
    fits nicely into the touring side of things but maintaining a sports side also
    can lean nicely into corners
    in fact doesnt feel like you are leaning that much while on it, but people behind sure notice

    exactly as Loz said basically
    I am now trying to get Tracey to forget the GPX750F and go a V Strom for the upgrade (she doesnt want matching bikes :LOL: anyone know a good airbrush artist?)

  7. I have been considering either a V-strom or a VFR as a possible next bike due to their all round performance ability and upright seating position ( ride comfort ). No-one seems to have said a bad thing in regards to either bikes' performance and I'd consider a third bike if there is one that falls into that same category. I also had a look at second hand V-strom / VFR's on Bike Sales and Bike Point and there seems to be a few out there for sale - in the $7K - $10K bracket.
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself. I have one and have done over 30,000km since getting at the end of 2005, I have slackened off in the last few months.

    I have had two problems, both mirrors had a small crack across a cosmetic pice of plastic, replaced under waranty no questions asked. And the left blinker switch is playing up but this is being fixed under waranty, they are replacing the entire switch block, with no questions asked either.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recomend one if that is the style of bike you are looking for. There is a picture of mine in the garage.
  9. Send a PM to gegvasco in Sydney; he'll tell you lots.

  10. I had a good ride on one a month ago.

    Above have said plenty of good stuff. I love Vtwins, and the Strom will not disappoint on any type of road. Plenty of power from down low in the rev range so you can be a bit lazy on changing gears and just enjoy the ride.

    Only negative is that if you are tallish (over 6') then the wind is gonna buffer you around the head (over 90kmh), although aftermarket screens are available - don't know how good they are.

    Great price from Peter Stevens at only $9K - get some luggage and IMHO you have one of the best value bikes.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback - it does sound like a well-liked and enjoyable bike.

    Just need to go through the financial committee before going for a test ride...... :roll:
  12. Spin - thanks for your PM - can't reply (not sure why) but info much appreciated.

    Administrator - any chance you could allow me to PM?
  13. Loz sums it up pretty well.. :)

    would i want any other bike ... sure

    Love a cruiser a sportsbike and a trail bike..
    but to be practicable the Strom does it all.

    and that V-twin engine still brings a grin from ear to ear everytime i ride it.. as it did on the SV.

    having done a ride from canberra to melbourne via the alpine country.. and only 40km on the Hume I gotta say it tours great and loves the twisties. and poor roads wont stop you
  14. hi
    i am looking to buy a new v-strom. Am having trouble getting crash bars and bashplate. Im in a bit of a hurry and dont want to wait another month for delivery.Any suggestions? also any opinions on luggage systems for it?
  15. The dealer should have the crashbars or at least get them by the time the bike is unpacked, mine are suzuki, but if your contemplating a bash plate you may need to look into a combo as i think the crash bar is a mounting point for the bash plate?? As for luggage I have an Rjays top box and a tankbag (readily available) which so far seems to be plentiful for a week or so's sojourning. though i did also get a ventura rack/bag for the times i want to leave the bike and carry my pack ( topbox has a handle like a suitcase , but not as convenient as a ventura bag backpack :) )
  16. Either go through a local dealer or order overseas.

    I've just received a bash plate and crash bars for my strom from www.amotostuff.com they are excellent. Yes they are an American company, but dont let that worry you, total time from order to arrival at my door was 6 days (not 6 business days but 6 days total!)

    If you want also check out www.norrus.net its another very good site to buy off. Used to be run from QLD but is now run remotely by a guy in Germany, but again very good products and great shipping prices.

    Also check out http://vstrom.info its a vstrom specific forum - no chat, just answers from people who have stroms.

    Send me a PM if you want.
  17. I was starting to seriously look at Farkling the bike up and sourcing a lot of the stuff overseas. Did you have any issues with customs? And was Customs clearance dependant on shipping method? I have read a couple of different things about these issues.
  18. For a good website on v-stroms, try www.vstrom.info Its an overseas site, but still a good one.
  19. Up to $1,000 you are fine in regards to GST. You need to use UPS, Fed Ex or US Postal Service.

    As soon as you employ a Customs Agent, I heard you may cop some duties.