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Suzuki Vstrom 650 ABS

Discussion in 'Touring' started by kkwall36, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking at buying an adventure tourer for seeing a bit of Oz.
    Have test rode a few options , but I am seriously looking at buying a vstrom 650 ABS 2012.

    Can anyone give me an insight that owns one.
    Likes/dislikes ?

    Liked the way it handled and overall riding position (older rider).
    Just would like to hear opinions of owners.


  2. I've got the earlier '11 model, but they are reasonably bullet proof. Remember they are not really a true off road bike, so if you want to take it across paddocks it will pay to put new tyres and upgraded suspension on them. They are a great touring bike with reasonable gravel road capabilities.

    @Zol has a bit more experience in the adventure area than I do. Hopefully he will come along and add a bit.
  3. I had a 2012 650 and it was a great bike, I put on rox risers and peg lowering kit and found it great. Don't know what else to say, I would buy one again
  4. Thanks folks,
    This is what I wanted to hear.
    Dind't want to find out there was a major failing or drawback with the bike after I purchased it.

    Will be buying this weekend, a nice xmass present to myself.

  5. I had a go on one when we went to QLD.
    Took it through the daintree with the missus on the back.

    Lots of fun!
  6. All done!
    Proud owner of a 2013 vstrom. In grey.
    Pick up next Saturday.

    Can't wait.

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  7. Congrats kkwall -- buy a strom, can't go wrong! Great for touring, and perform pretty damn well in the twisties too!

    I've also got an '11 (non-ABS) - put a heap of dirt road kms on it this year, it's never let me down although I've fallen off a few times! If you want to hit some dirt Zol, me and some other ADV rider types get out of Melbourne most weekends if you want to tag along.
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  8. Cheers Angry Ant.
    Really please with the way they handle.
    Took it for about a 20ks test ride today and was very impressed in the performance and handling.

    May take you up on the offer of going out for a ride.
    May need to familiarise myself a bit with the bike first.

    It's going to be a long week ahead!!!!!!!
  9. Enjoy it Kenny!
  10. I'm "old skool" and riding a non-ABS '07. Not the most nimble bike I've ever ridden, but it handles our current shyte roads with ease where the others would skitter all over the road. Very glad I chose this over the KLR. (y)

  11. Is the ABS switch-off-able? You'll need that for any serious gravel riding - I know you get kits for the old-model ABS version to make it toggleable.
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  12. #12 AngryAnt, Dec 15, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2013
    Here's my old pre-ABS model to give you some ideas. Great thing about the stroms is that you can farkle the shit out of em if you want. Upgrades to make mine more dirt road touring compatible:
    • Heated grips
    • Cheap Chinese bark-busters (originals bit the dust in a fall between Falls Creek and Omeo)
    • Shorty levers (replacing bent set)
    • Rox Risers
    • Crash guards
    • Shinko dual-sport tyres
    • Vstroma shift lever
    • fake KTM metal pegs
    • Basic resin sump/oil filter guard, more to protect from stone damage than a real collision with a rock)

    You can see I pulled the fairings off as well :) These survived the prang pretty well due to the crash bars but I prefer the naked look.

    You can get most of this stuff to fit the new model as well.




  13. Go test ride the bmw g650gs sertao. It'll go on dirt a bit better also
  14. Congrats mate
    I'm keen for a ride anytme
  15. Removing the fairing changes the look a fair bit. Does it change how it handles/feels at highway speeds?
  16. Not really, but then all my bikes are nakeds so maybe I just don't notice the buffeting.
  17. Abs is on all the time, can't switch it off.
    But from the reviews I've seen, it handles pretty good on dirt roads.

    Like the mods that you've done.
    Was concerned with placement of the oil filter. So will be getting a belly pan.
    Also looking at a touring screen to stop wind buffeting.

    6 days and counting.
    Can't wait!
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  18. I think you have to pull the fuse and live with the abs fault light
  19. The screen is adjustable. Try different mounting heights before you spend a bunch of coin on a bigger screen. I run mine on the lowest position. You'd think it would be worse but it means the turbulent air hits me lower rather than shaking my helmet around. It's very variable depending on your seated height, posture and helmet type, and well worth experimenting before you shell out for stuff you might not need.
  20. I've lowered the screen and put a 25 mm spacer to push the front out a bit. It stops the hammering at your head at highway speeds, and puts it on my chest instead. Much more comfortable.

    You might want to try Eastern Beaver for an ABS cut out switch. Or have a look on Stromtroopers for specific info on the 2012+ models.