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Suzuki VL250 - anyone made modifications and if so, what?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by martygeeoz, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. I got -back- into riding a few months ago after a long hiatus, and cost drove me to pick up a suzuki VL250LC intruder (new for $6 grand even including ORC). I've seen a couple going around, but always pretty much well standard with little done in the way of modification or additions. I'm very much interested in adding custom or suzuki accessories to it, but while the larger suzuki cruisers are well catered for, the VL250 seems to have very little in the way of aftermarket parts and suppliers. I've located a handful of websites for accessory suppliers in the UK & US, but I was wondering whether anyone else who owns a VL has gone down that path, and whether they have any advice or resources to share (in particular, if they know of any Australian suppliers or retailers). If there is enough interest, I'm happy to share what I've found myself.

    And no unhelpful comments like 'get a bigger bike' please :p


  2. I'm curious too, I can't find much at all for it.
  3. You will hardly find any mods for 250's guys..

    Not worth the manufacturers making anything as people dont keep them long enough to worry about doing anything to them..
  4. And for those that manage to find go-quick parts soon realise that they still only have a 250

    Save your dough and wait till the finance allows for a bigger bike.

    Ya could have bought mine for $6500 :)
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  5. I appreciate the comments, but at the end of the day that only makes the prospect of doing up the bike more rewarding. Plus the cheaper running, insurance and rego costs of the 250 were appealing. At least, that is what I told my other half :grin: She was more concerned about me than the bike!

    Turnover of 250s are pretty high, the market for accessories is therefore tight, and sure they slower and are considered 'toys' by most so-called 'serious' riders... but at the end of the day I ride for my own enjoyment, and other people's opinions about the merits of my ride be damned.

    Custom Cruisers (google it) in the UK have probably the only 'section' for the VL250 I've seen - National Cycle windscreens, a H.A.C. sissybar, floorboards and lights (I'm trying to work out if the saddlebag supports come with the sissybar). I'll add more sites and manufacturers details at a later stage.
    edit: scrap that, they don't even factor Australia into their shipping destinations.

  6. wasnt flaming your ride.. Just advising you of what i know.. :grin:
  7. No worries, I didn't think you were! :) That comment about other people's opinions of 250's just snuck in there. I searched the forum first to see if anyone else had raised a similar topic, and I recalled a bit of such banter regarding 250s. Guess i was feeling a little defensive :LOL:


  8. Is all good marty... Hope you find what you want for your bike.. :grin:
  9. I'd really like to revive this thread as I've purchased a VL250 as well and really need some sources of accessories etc!!!

    Hope someone can help here!!!
  10. I'm desperately trying to avoid fail bay as I want to ensure I'm buying quality stuff!!!
  11. I've bought sprockets from Webike in Japan, that I couldn't find locally. Price was OK and service was good.
    Hope that helps.
  12. Sockie, what are you looking to get done?
  13. Hi Martin,

    I purchased a 2010 model with 3,00klms about six months ago cheap at an auction, it wasn't the bike I wanted but too cheap not to buy it. ($1500).
    It was a bit too grandad for me in it's styling so I decided to tinker with it's looks but didn't want to spend much money as I still intend to buy a bigger bike.
    One of the simplest mods was to spray a lot of the chrome matt black with Plasti-spray (simply peel it off you don't like the look) this as given the bike a more bad than grandad look. I also took to the front and rear fenders with a multi tool reducing their sizes. Simple stuff such as replacing the rear big ear indicators with small bullet ones, gave it a sharper look ($21.00) as well as lifting the front ones to the top of the forks made the forks look longer. (I intend to replace the front indicators with bullets as soon as I can find a couple of 37mm fork clamps. You can get slip on exhausts to make a bit more noise, as well as other accessories from a site in the UK for about $300AUS landed in OZ, I haven't bothered at this stage as I still intend to get a bigger bike and don't want to go crazy with costs. All the mods I have done besides the chopping of the fenders are easily reversed If you would like any pics or further info let me know.


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  14. :) Thanks Steve