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Suzuki valve shims

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by the mole, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I'm in need of a couple of 29.5mm Suzuki shims, wondering if anyone can suggest a well priced source, or if there's anyone in the Northern Rivers area that can trade shims. The local dealer wants $15 to buy or $10 to swap!!!!!

  2. Dunno if it's of help, did you try Suziparts? There's a ph number on the website (just add com au) you can get them on. Swap might be hard as they are in SA, I believe. $10 for a swap doesn't sound so bad to me ...
  3. Seeing as it costs them nothing to swap, I'd have thought $5 would be enough for their time. Maybe I'm just showing my age, I'm used to adjusting valves with a screwdriver for free!
  4. Like any business, they want to make money.
    Buy them, don't swap. Start your own shimbox.
  5. Bear in mind that you'll normally need shims smaller than those you have in hand between all the valves, so retaining the oversize ones you swap out will not me much use unless you have a fleet of Suzukis. Not sure of any common shim diameters across different makes either.
  6. So far I need one slightly larger shim, range is .03-.08mm, the clearance is .11. I'll start my own collection if the difference in price is only $5.

    Or collect some bottle tops and flatten 'em with a hammer.

    Just measured a 20c piece, its 28mm, close enough? :grin:
  7. You sure they're 29.5mm? As in like over an inch? Cause I don't know anything requiring shims that massive :LOL:. Get those valves checked :LOL:.

    Seriously, though, I assume you mean 2.95mm shims. I'm sure you can buy whole kits of them. Have you tried all the local bike shops? There's gotta be some good guys out there in bike shops that'll just trade the shims for yours for next to nothing. I know that for dirt bikes Ballards sells whole kits of them, but are like $60+ from memory, but when you think about it a shitload of shims for $60 is cheaper than a couple for the same price. Otherwise, just fork over the cash and buy them for $15 a pop.
  8. No, I mean 29.5mm....diameter. Thought that was worth mentioning as I'm sure some other models would use the same diameter shims. I'm after one of 2.85 thickness at this stage. :)
  9. Gee, that's weird. I've only encountered the opposite - the shims get thinner over time?

    I've started trawling ebay for my collection, but as someone has already mentioned, the large sizes seem to be everywhere, while the more useful (to me) thinner sizes are hard to source second-hand. Honda still has the thinnest they make (2.30) for my bike, but it sounds like you have an 8 valve suzook? If you only need one, then you're doin' alright. I'd just walk in and buy one :wink:

  10. $160! (if none can swap) for a valve adjustment you're doing yourself. That's a reeming.

    Isn't there a mob that advertises shims in cycle-torque?

    Bring back screw and lock nut followers. I don't need a bike that revs above 12k anyway.
  11. Try Precision Shims. Haven't got their details to hand, but I saw their ad last night in a not too out of date copy of Just Bikes. Shims from $5.50 (ie, the shims you need will not be $5.50, regardless of what they might be for :grin: ).
  12. and i though it was just me that was this cynical.
  13. Thanks everyone, managed to find a local shop that sold me some from their 2nd hand stock for $10 each, so I'll gradually start a collection. Couldn't agree more on the screw adjuster comments. My last bike was a '72 BMW, has to be the easiest, most accessible valve adjustment of any vehicle! I was spoilt. :)
  14. Ahh, sorry. My bad :oops: