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Suzuki V Strom won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Minimoke, May 3, 2016.

  1. Hi all. New to the forum and asking questions already. I have a Suzuki v strom 1000 2014. On the dash it has chec and above an oil symbol gear box. The oil in the gear box is full. I have tried envy thing I can think off but still can't get the check and oil symbol to disappear. While I have this problem the bike won't start. Any help welcome.

  2. Make sure you haven't hit the engine kill switch by mistake.
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  3. Hi Chris. Thanks for reply. I have tried that and no faults appear. When you switch the bike on it does its normal thing then CHEC appears and in the gear selector it shows check oil. All oil is ok. While it is like this the bike won't start. Thank you John
  4. Man o Man. Did I have a seniors moment. I have been riding for over 50 years and what I dint check the kill switch. Thanks all you are the best. Please forgive an old idiot. Regards John.
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  5. :) Don't worry everybody has done it.
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  6. Thanks Chris. You guys are great. Please forgive. John
  7. Did that same with my last bike which was an Aprilia.

    After freaking out about engine electrics, checking fuses, disconnecting the battery, clearing the dash codes/coupons I finally checked the kill switch.

    I was 30 at the time.
    Does that make it a pre-senior moment?

    Glad you've sorted out the 'Strom.
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  8. Well I was a bit worried. But your reply makes me fell better. Thanks John
  9. lol, well atleast it was an easy fix.

    I was going to say that the oil symbol is normal, it should go out very quickly after start up. If it takes longer than 5 seconds you should stop the engine immediately, and then check the oil level.

    And the "check" engine light goes on when you have the kill switch on, or the bike is in gear and the sidestand is down. So next time, if it's not the kill switch, check the side stand switch.
  10. Yep got you. HHHHAAAAA. Thanks John
  11. Same here, been there done the kill switch thing. It happens.
    Not much goes wrong with Stroms. The first things to check for starting issues are: kill switch, clutch switch, sidestand switch, starter button, then everything else.
  12. Thank you all for your help and understanding. John
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    how many times have you heard of people not being able to start their automatic car because it is in drive? don't sweat it.

    welcome to NR MinimokeMinimoke pop over to the Welcome Lounge and tell us a bit about yourself.
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  14. G'day MinimokeMinimoke. There's another forum member who updated their status with a similar situation only about a week ago, prompting a couple of us - myself included - to relate with very similar situations we'd had with kill-switches.

    Last year I somehow managed to kill-switch the bike on the highway, rolled to a stop and got to the point of taking the seat off with the intention of inspecting fuses when I saw the dratted switch in the OFF position...face-palm and at the same time, relief. :facepalm:
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    Mate, mate, mate, I've done a similar thing though I was riding along, had a bit of a cramp in my fingers so took my hand off the grips and bumped the kill switch... bike spluttered and I was on the motorway! Freaked out and pulled in the clutch and started to indicate to move to the breakdown lane and saw the check lights on... had a "WTF?!" moment and then saw that the kill switch was on, flicked it off, pressed the start button, bike fired up and off I went. Lucky I had the helmet on as my face was redder than a lobster!

    EDIT: It was on my 2014 VStrom 1000 :)
  16. Friday night on the long weekend, there was a traffic snarl on the freeway, just around a bend and since my new bike has 4 way flashers, I went to hit them to warn traffic that might come up fast behind me. Yup, you guessed it. Managed to hit the kill switch instead. Coasted to a stop on the right shoulder, but happily figured it out pretty quick.

    I used to work with a guy who rejoiced in practical jokes. His favourite was to turn off the fuel petcock and watch people kicking away sweating while he chuckled. Of course turning off the fuel on my bike was a good idea as if the needle valve jammed you could leak a puddle of fuel around the bike and that can be very unfortunate. So to get me he pulled the spark plug lead off and drew a line with a carpenters pencil, down from the spark plug cap, across the ceramic insulator and down to the metal. That was just conductive enough to lose spark and I kicked that bike until I was just about done in, before he took pity on me.
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  17. That's a bit of an a$$hole joke! I hope you got him back some how?
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  18. You lucky lucky bugar,after doing a trip to Tokemwal last weekend,750ks there Saturday and the same or almost the same back the ride ended for me 10ks Sydney side of Beruma,dead ignition. The first thing I tried was the kill switch,not that. After a freezing wait on the side of the expressway in the dark for 4 hours a mate arrived in his ute. Bloody old motorbikes.
  19. Dayam :(

    All sorted out now though?