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Suzuki V-Strom riders in Newcastle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brumby, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. I'm interested to see how many DL650 & DL1000 V-strom owners there are in the Newcastle/ Hunter region and if any would like to meet up in the near future, maybe even set up some kind of club or something for these types of bikes.
    I've seen a lot of V-stroms around the area before & since I got mine recently and thought it'd be great to get to know each other and arrange regular rides.

    So if interested....post below please..it'd be great to hear from you all.


  2. I also have the best bike ever made but not in your area Dave.
    Try netrider or Stromtrooper forums for a couple of options for other owners.
  3. Very close to considering a weestrom. So much in fact I'm off to the shops on Mon to see what's about 2nd hand.
    Would be sad to sell the viffer though.

    Bit OT sorry,

  4. WHAT??
    Yeah right.......[-(
  5. No shit Joe,

    Was eyeing up a few I saw at Thredders and they look like fun. Not one of those Duc thingos with bits falling off mind you. They also go way too fast!
  6. Yeah the wee-stroms won't win any Grand prix but they'd have to be one of the most versatile bikes out on the market today.
    Bought mine only a couple of weeks ago, used from a dealer in Newie with lots of extras on it and it was in showroom condition despite having 25k on the clock but I guess this reflects of the original owner and how proud he was of his bikes.
    There are some good ones out there but if they don't have many extras on them..bargain hard...as far as I'm concerned, not having to muck around getting stuff like bark busters, center stands, sump protector (bashplate) and top box means I save heaps of dollars, although if those extras were on a shitbox that's been treated harshly....keep walkin'.
    I had a look at one of the new 650 v-stroms yesterday and while they look ok, they are still basic (bugger-all extras) and I tend to like the more bulky look on mine due to the fact I'm pretty well rounded.
    I was hoping that there would have been more V-strom owners here in Newcastle to chew the fat with...oh well!!


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  7. Agree with all you said about the strom brumby....
    I was only a week away from getting one when my TDM900 popped up on bikesales.com the same time I came off restrictions..
    I did like the TDM better but it was over budget so I was lucky when mine became available..
    I really love the comfort and versatilities of this styles of bikes...
    As I always say, they're perfect at no particular thing but very good at everything but winning the comfort factor...

    But still suprised with CFVFR...lol

  8. Joe, I almost did buy a TDM a couple of Months ago but for some reason decided against it. I think it was actually too tall in the seat for me.

    I went for a decent ride today on the wee-strom, around 370kms from Newie to Wisemans Ferry, Dural, Galston Gorge, Hornsby, Brooklyn and back to Newie via Swansea and the strom performed without a whimper...Jeez I'm loving this bike. Went with a group of a dozen riders from work, it was a good day out till we got to the pub at Wisemans Ferry....that's another story.

    I've read where these wee-stroms run on the smell of an oily rag and I pretty much proved it today. 14.5 litres for 373 kms..pretty happy with that, although we weren't doing big speeds, usually hung around 80 +/-

    Met a Strom 650 rider in our group who was a father of another rider, he is retired and often goes on trips and he had a 12 month old DL 650 from new and already have clocked up over 30,000kms on it and he'd reckon he'd buy another one he likes them so much.

    Oh well..after 3 fantastic days off...it's back to reality Monday...groan8-[


  9. heard so many good things, considered it many times but wanted to go a roady + a dirty to see where i want to take my riding. :)
  10. Hi dave i am also looking to see if there are any vstrom riders around the lake to ride with
  11. :smug: Thread resurrection alert
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