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Suzuki TU250X - single cylinder 250, retro look, EFI

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, May 22, 2011.

  1. Suzuki TU250X

    Haven't heard of this before... Am i the only one who thinks this is just a little bit cool?

    Apparently $5990RRP.

    Reconsidering a GS500... someone talk me out of/into it!
  2. Nice enough looking and, being a Suzuki, probably competent. However, for another grand and a half you can get yourself a DR650 which do nearly everything better but won't look as nice.
  3. Wow I am surprised Suzuki are trying the TU250 again in this market to be honest, though with times they way they are they might be thinking there could be more call for it as people are looking for cheaper commute options.

    It's no competition to the GS500 as it's single will struggle to do 90kph uphill and the GS500 won't. Of course I am basing that on the previous version that was available years ago.

    Nifty bike though, nice styling and easy as to ride by anyone. Good for learners or using to get around town.
  4. I don't know... my old Sachs KN150 would do 100km/h and 110km/h when i put a different sprocket on. Would go up most hills holding the speed too. And that was an ancient-derived carburettored chinese made 150!!!

    I imagine a fuel injected modern 250 would easily do 90km/h - look at the new CBR250.
  5. Wow when I looked at the pics in google it reminded me quite a bit of my '94 GN250. Is this a modern version? Even the engine looks quite similar with it being incorporated in to the bottom of the frame - though mine has twin exhaust ports and no fuel injection.

    To perhaps give you some perspective, as my GN250 seems so similar: My bike can do 100 KPH but it doesnt feel that natural. It redlines at 8.5k and sits at 6.5k at 100. Top speed (though I havent tried) is reputed to be 120kph. Not particularly fast acceleration either but its fine around town and windy hill roads. The GN looks good as well (but, though very very similar, not as good as the TU).

    Funny, I was in fact considering upgrading to a GS500, simply because I want something a bit more capable on the highway that I can take for longer trips. Many of my friends have bigger, faster bikes and I do somewhat feel left out when we go out together!

    Hope that helps a bit!
  6. Yep, when it was first tried here it was the gn250 replacement. It was kind of an odd looking thing and LAMS was first introduced in NSW about that time, so it wasn't a sales success.

    Shame they don't make a bigger capacity version
  7. The GS500 has free onroads at the moment and is a more capable bike so if you are looking for long cruises get the GS500 but as a commuter the TU250 might be cheaper (you would have to look at the difference in rego and insurance). Then again I tried out my bike and decided to get it even though a 250 would have been far cheaper with ongoing costs.
    Motorcycling is all about letting the heart rule the head so get the one that you like the most.
  8. If I was looking for a cheap around town commuter, or nice cruises along quiet back roads... TU would be top of my list, at least until Yamaha bring in the new SR...