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Suzuki to Build Motorcycle Gas Turbine Hybrid.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cjvfr, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Suzuki to Build Motorcycle Gas Turbine Hybrid.
    Tokyo JapanTue Apr 1, 2014 3:10am EDT

    Suzuki announced today they are in final design and pilot run manufacturing of the first Serial Hybrid Gas Turbine motorcycle. To be known as the HG16T, the Serial Hybrid system couples a permanently connected electric 150kW (200hp) electric drive to a micro gas turbine. The motorcycle can run on battery only starting the Microturbine once the batteries drops below 30% charge or under heavy acceleration. The gas turbine has no direct connection with the motorcycle drive train instead coupling to a variable frequency alternator. The alternator directly charges the battery and provides electricity to the primary electric drive. High capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are being used to provide a 100km range before the microturbine needs to start. Energy is also recovered from the braking system in a two stage system of electric regenerative braking and then conventional disk brakes. The turbine is designed to run on a wide variety of fuels including vegetable oils and ethanol based fuels and will provide a 250 - 350 km range depending on the calorific value of the fuel used. Fill up and you are away again without waiting for a charge. The engine control manages the drive system and battery charging to keep the bike always ready to go.

    Suzuki's Senior Manager Kenichi Ayukawa stated in their press release "We have been looking at a number of alternative fuels and drive train structures and are confident the Serial Hybrid concept will offer high performance, long range and fuel agnosticism. As fuel costs rise all manufacturers need to look at alternatives and we are very excited at the combination of Micro Gas Turbines, electric motors and high capacity batteries. These technologies have come of age and we will begin to deliver the first of these bikes into the market in first quarter 2015." The motorcycles are being assembled at Suzuki's Takatsuka Plant.
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  2. They've made Mr Fusion!
  3. It doesn't seem to have a flux capacitor though :(
  4. There'll be no exhaust sound :(
    You'll need a 1000W amp, rearward facing speaker and an mp3 player that could let you choose the exhaust note you like.
  5. I wonder what the power rating of the turbine will be for charging? I used to work with 100kW turbine gensets and they were not small...

    Good on them for doing something different :)
  6. Who cares? it'd have 100% of maximum torque from a a standing start, I like my bikes to have more bite than bark.
  7. Hmmm ... I wonder when the article was authored?
  8. hmmm... disappointing.

    if it is an april fools, it isn't a very good one. the bike idea is completely plausible, a good april fools story is usually ridiculous but convincing.
  9. I wouldn't care... my exhaust is OEM anyway so pretty quiet, but for sure there'd be people that do. Just look at all the complainers at the Melbourne F1 this year because of the reduced noise, and they were going to sue! For some, noise is everything!
  10. It is not.
  11. a picture of the test bike :)

  12. How so?

    Hybrid electric - been done before

    Gas turbine - been done before

    Why would it not be plausible for a hybrid electric with a gas turbine instead of an ICE?
  13. I'd suggest today.
  14. despite the date, I'm struggling to find anything in the article that is an obvious wind up. the battery technology is good, the micro turbine technology is good. Maybe vegetable oil is a bit of a stretch for a turbine but that's a bout all. If it's an April Fool it's a good one.
  15. I can't belief people have any doubt. It's a joke. I know the picture. It's a mid-late 80s concept bike. I remember it from an old magazine.
  16. It's a Japanese motorbike
    It's a Japanese motorbike
    It's a Japanese motorbike
    It's a Japanese motorbike.

    Gas turbines are ICE. The phrase you are after is reciprocating piston engine. I would expect turbines to be able to run off vegetable oil.
  17. I'm not following you either Lilley
  18. When was the last time a jap bike manufacturer tried something different? By my reckoning the only one in the last ten or more years is Yamaha with the mt's, vmax and cross plane crank. Other than that it's just the same formula. Every. Single. Time. Add to the the sportbike economics trend wouldn't allow it.
  19. ahh yes, originallity is not the strength of Japanese culture. They good ad refinement, but lateral thinking is not a strength.

    Kawaksaki do make GTs however and I think iclints point is it's technically possible. Whether it's salable is a different question.