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Suzuki T-250 Huslter.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by nt0xicat3d, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Hello all,
    My current project is as the title suggests.
    I intend on doing a complete rebuild to original specs.
    After stripping the bike down there are a lot of parts I need to get my hands on, and to start with is a new frame due to the original one being so badly rusted it has gone to the tip.
    Thankfully next weekend I'm heading over to Victoria to pick up a frame and some parts I found online.

    Í have a current question I hope someone could shed some light on.
    After stripping down the motor I have measured the clutch spring length and clutch plate thickness and have found that the springs I have come in at 35.0-35.1mm and the plates 3.9-4.0mm. Now the repair manual say's that the springs should be between 47.5-45.5mm and the plates 3.5-3.2mm.
    Has this clutch been replaced with an after market set or has the springs worn that badly? Also the plates are thicker that what the manual say's.

    If anyone has some original parts laying around I would like to hear from you.

    This will be a long build due to the fact I work 5 1/2 days a week and lack of money but it will happen slowly.
  2. i can't help you but i will bump this thread and also say

    good the fcuk on you for restoring it and not just turning it into a cafe racer like every other jerk....goddam sick of seeing beautiful old bikes being butchered
  3. that bike there is perfect for a cafe ,,i say this because it will be what people that do restore, or buy classic old bikes call a bitsa,,,,,as soon as you change frame numbers or motor numbers it is no longer a original bike ,,, so you might as well do a custom build ,, true collectors dont want a bike thats been changed in any way ,, being a 1969 original frame and motor numbers bike will ad $1500 dollars to any bike of that age thats just the way it is , there are people out there that only want original and unrestord bikes ,my every day ride is a original unrestored 44year old triumph ,
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  4. Thanks 87crisis. I appreciate that.
    tiprat i understand where you are coming from in the whole sense that not having matching numbers will not make it "original". But let me say this, i am not building this bike for a collector to buy so i dont give a crap if numbers dont match. This bike is being built for me to enjoy. I can not stand people who put alot of time and money into restoring an item, being a car or motorbike just to sell it off.

    Well after a 17hour drive i finally got my replacement frame home along with some bits and pieces. Next step is to get it stripped and repainted. I also have a parts manual coming from overseas for me to order parts that i need to replace so i'm looking forward to that arriving.
  5. Doesn't look like a ten minute project here :)

    But great to see it when some of these old bikes ar resored to original.

    Hope the project goes well.
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    Had a bit of spare time today so I pulled the tank out the shed and started sanding it back. As you can see from the pic's its seen better days with some dents and dings to take care of.
    I do have a question, what`s the best way of treating the inside of the tank as it is pretty dirty and rusty inside??

    And the frame I drove 680klms and back to get :)
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  8. clean in side tank
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  9. That's at the extreme end of restoration!

    Lots of luck with the project

    Tiprat, that's amazing results with the cider vinegar!
  10. Thanks tiprat I might give that a go and see what happens.
  11. IMAG0284. IMAG0283.
    I managed to sand all the rust off and treat the tank with rust kill, and then a couple of coats of undercoat. That's all for now. Next step will be to sort out the dents and dings.
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  12. Ended up being a good day today.
    I picked up a side cover and oil tank a couple of weeks back, which had been undercoated by a netrider user, and found some surface rust starting to come through the paint, so I stripped them both back, treated them and repainted in undercoat, so now I'm happy with them. I also stripped back the rear swing arm and same process.
    While these parts were drying from the treatment I managed to get a heap of parts clean. One item I done was the fuel tap. I took it apart and found the bowl sealing ring was sitting half in place and half in the bowl, so i'll be replacing that. Good thing I pulled it apart.
  13. I'm trying to add pictures but the "upload photo" button does not appear, why is that?
  14. Ok so now the button appears.
    Here's todays effort.
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  15. This weekend I tackled the dents on the fuel tank. Still have a bit of work to get it as good as I want but its getting there.
  16. Great stuff. Keep the progress pics coming, please.
  17. Just a quick update, spent some more time on the fuel tank because its not as smooth as I would like (not being a auto body repairer) so that's still going.
    Also been cleaning a lot of the parts I have, rebuilt the main wiring loom with new plugs and connectors and taped up again.
    Rebuilt the oil tank out-let and fuel cock assembly with new gaskets. Also stripped down the Driveshaft and Countershaft assemblies, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt ready to go back in the motor.
    Bought a lot of little parts online and from my local supplier, so things are moving slowly, no exciting photos to post as yet.
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    Well its been a couple of weeks since I was last on here and that's for good reason, some not so good happenings.
    This has put a halt to this project.
    So EVERYTHING must go, its all for sale. The above fuel tank, side cover, oil tank, swing arm, frame, also available is a wheelie bin half full of second hand parts. Also have the wiring loom which has been rebuilt with new connectors, a heap of little parts brand new such as dust covers, oil seals, oil tank glass kit. Once I get some pics and prices I will post in for sale forum.