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Suzuki Swifts everywhere - why is it so?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Since we moved to Cairns, the car we see the most is the Suzuki Swift. They are absolutely everywhere. We live in a new estate south of Cairns, but within a few streets there would be 1/2 dozen of these cars.

    Go for a drive and they're there. I would have seen a couple in Melbourne over several years.

    If it was Focus, Astra etc..I'd not be surprised, but a Suzuki? We've started counting them. I spy, with my little eye, another frikkin Swift....

    Local dealer must be awesome.

  2. Cheap things, pretty handy.

    I managed to a fit a double bass, electric bass and amp in one. No mean feat!
  3. True, I had one as a hire car here, reasonable quality and nothing to dislike. But that being so, why so many here and why don't I see them anywhere else?

    They're so prevalent, they really do stand out.
  4. Only cheap car that actually looks cool. If we got the GTI they would be a cult.
    They are around everywhere, but your part of the world has a high percentage of young people, so it makes sense.
  5. Suzuki are an amazing company. In the early 80's they were the 5th biggest automotive producer worldwide and they didn't have a true passanger vehicle in their range..
  6. That's a really good point there, hadn't thought of that.

    When I had one as a hire car, was quite impressed. The local dealer must still be doing a good job though.
  7. Are you talking about the new ones or the older models? I've seen quite a few of the newer ones around uni campus, so yea they must be popular with younger people.
  8. Very easy in a swift (used to have a barina, which was the same thing in those days), but I managed to fit all that in a bmw coupe.
  9. I am seriously thinking about replacing my Commodore with a Suzuki Swift. I am sick of trying to park a big car in small car parks. My commodore has been great for me. One day, I will upgrade and it looks like the Suzuki Swift.
  10. We hired the new model in NZ. Took it up all the snow/mud covered mountains. It performed brilliantly. Great car.
  11. Showoff :p
  12. The old Swift/Barina model is like flies round here, and I HAVE been seeing a lot of the new model too; Titus is right, too, it is a good-looking car, in a 'squashed up for length' kinda way.
  13. i really like the look of them, as per the above shame there is no gti!
  14. They were the ones with the Hyabusa engine right ???
  15. lol so thats where they all went!! I remember back in the late 90s, they where hugely popular amongst the fully sick crowds in Sydney.
  16. more like early 90s !
    Late 90s the fully sick crowds were embracing the Hyundai Excel ! :grin:
  17. I've got a Carry van, which has the 13BB motor from one of the Swift variants. So far it's been utterly bulletproof and it screams like a GPX if you're in a hurry.

    Good build quality for something so cheap too.
  18. lol true true! big wings and zorts you could put a small child into, thank god that thing is over, but I do remember the swifts being quite popular.
  19. Not that cheap, at 16,500 or so they seem expensive to me compared to Hyundai Getz or some such. Are they supposed to be better looking? I just don't see it... it's just another cheap box as far as I'm concerned, just a bit more expensive than other cheap boxes.

    And there's nothing wrong with Hyundai btw, I got an old one for 2,000 bucks a couple of years ago and I just can't kill it! Despite total neglect on my part it keeps going and going.