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Suzuki SVXR650

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by tunelliner, May 5, 2009.

  1. Now that I've got your attention with my weirdly named bike, I'd just like to introduce my almost stock as bog SV650.

    Current mods on it is a K&N filter, modified airbox (no snorkel) and an aftermarket pipe.

    You may be wondering why the thread title is named "SVXR650". Well basically, my aim is to turn my bike into a hybrid between 2 (well 3 bikes): a SV650, the front end off a GSXR750 and a rear wheel from a Honda CBR600F3. So from a simple deduction :LOL: , SV + GSXR + CBR = SVXR650.

    Anyways, sitting at home atm is a complete front end for a K5 GSXR750.
    The other bits such as the disc rotors, wheel and front fender are not in the picture (obviously)

    There are a few reasons why I've decided to do this project. Firstly, I wanted to buy a new (to me) bike as a step up from the 250. Secondly, although I was ready for something bigger like a thou (having ridden a fair few before my upgrade - illegally :oops: :p ), I wanted to finetune and improve my roadcraft, and be able to ride a slow bike fast. Thirdly, I love my naked twins, and there were no other good looking naked twins within my price range. Lastly, for those that have ridden a SV650 before, the front end is pretty soft and crappy. Being more of a front tire confidence rider, I like to have atleast some feedback from the front end.

    But for those that have been thinking, why not just chuck in heavier weighted oil, revalve the forks and have emulators). Well the stock SV front end only has preload adjustments on it. The K5 GSXR front end on the otherhand I have has preload, compression and rebound adjustments. Also, although rebuilding the forks would've been cheaper than doing a gsxr conversion, I am a sucker for USD forks, and fatter brakes.

    Anyways, I'm gonna pull my finger out and actually try get some motivation for getting this underway. I should have it done in a about two weeks. I will keep posting, take pictures and write a details update on the process required for the conversion. Heaps of people + racers have done the conversion in the UK and the States. But because our population in Australia isn't that big, only a few people have done this conversion here!

    Here is what I've planned for the conversion.
    K5 GSXR750 forks
    K5 GSXR750 triples

    Hel braided lines
    Gsxr wheel
    K5 GSXR750 rotors (320mm vs 290mm stock)
    K5 GSXR radial tokico calipers (4 pistons vs 2 pistons stock)
    Gixxer clipons
    Brackets to move my rearsets back (body position similar or more hardcore than a supersports with the gsxr clipons)
    and finally
    when money allows, convert the 4.5inch rim (160/60 tire) to a Honda CBR600F3 wheel so it allows me to run a 5 inch rim and 180/55 tire.

    I think that's enough typing as it is. I will try update as I do everything
  2. A worthy project. Improving suspension and handling is by far the best performance modification anyone can do to their bike.
  3. Bastard! I wasn't sure what the hell you were talking about, closest I could come up with was a hopped up bored out cafe racerd SRX600 :p

    Still the bike looks nice, hope you get the handling you're after!

    Keep us updated.
  4. Will you swap out the rear shock for a better unit. I think a ZX10 shock seems to be popular.

    Why put the larger rear tyre on? The cbr600F3 runs 160/60 stock and has a few extra ponies.
  5. you can get better rubber with a 160 :wink:

    nice project, another mate did this conversion to the thou and once you do the front you MUST do the rear or it just feels all unsettle
  6. Cheers guys.

    Finally I went around to some shops and got my act together. Purchased fork seals, 5W fork oil and 10 rotor bolts today! I also took my Gsxr wheel to a place to get checked for straightness and for some repairs to be made!

    Indeed.. Once I get the suspension, braking and handling sorted out .. I will start to chase the 80rwhp goal! In the end, I think I will try and keep this little beast until I run the engine down. Then I will pay someone to rebuild it stroke it to about 700-750cc.

    Thanks for the encouragement. A cafe racer'd SRX600 would be mean as too!

    Yep, I will swap out the SV shock for something with better control. I had a mate, who offered me his SV1000 shock. He passed away in a bike accident last week. RIP Ian :(

    I must admit though, I am a huge sucker for a fat rear tire. I had a 180 on my 250 (Hornet 250). Chasing a F3 rim is not my main concern at the moment, be a huge bonus if I can find one for cheap. I agree with Stewy, the 160 size does make better rubber haha.

    btw, Stewy.. once I get this underway do you still want my rim? its perfect and has about 90% tread left ;) Conti sport attack ;)[/code]
  7. send me a pm with price+shipping to melb, i am off o/s in a about 2 months so it will probably have to wait till i get back now :(
  8. will be keeping an eye on this :grin:
  9. i know the change in adjustability and quality of the shocks will be good, but will a change in steering geometry (if there is any) have any negative effect on the handling?
  10. From what I've read, the Gixxer forks (Showa USD's) are shorter than the stock SV ones, so the turn in should be alot faster, and instead of having a more cruisey trail, the trail should be closer to that of a supersport.

    So I guess I'd be sacrificing a bit of stability for quicker steering. But there isn't much stability in the stock SV front end anyway so I guess its a win:win lol!.
  11. Update: Cleaned and Primed GSXR radial calipers. Ready to paint now

    So when I first got my calipers, the previous person had spilt brake fluid all over one of the calipers. So, one of my calipers was looking pretty sad. The paint was peeling and stuff!

    To make them look a bit newer, I used brake cleaner, Scotch Brite rubbing pad and some chux and cleaned both calipers up. I then primed the 4 pot tokico calipers with grey metal primer. Now I'm just waiting for them to dry so I can paint with YELLOW with VHT Caliper Paint :D
  12. Looks real nice (apart from being yellow :p ). Has the bike been pranged or did you buy a straight one?

    Looks like you're doing all the mods i have on my wish list.

    Keep us updated.
  13. hey michael, how's sydney treating ya?

    anyways, update.
    A few days ago, I blew something on the bike whilst practising 1st gear whoolies (I'm no wheelie king, more like a noob learning how to lift the front end up ;)). On a private road of course :LOL:

    Anyways, I did a few.. lifted it up relatively nice (for a noob). After the third one, I heard something go BANG. My clutch lever suddenly went limp. Anyways long story short (after taking my sprocket cover apart), I found that I blew a clutch rod.

    So here it is




    It's all fixed now.

    noticed how bent the pushrod was!

    PS. HUGE THUMBS UP for Springwood Suzuki for providing me the part real quick!

    Now that is all under control, I'm out there again attempting to lift the front wheel up some more.

    Anyways, here is a picture of my calipers getting primed!

    I'm painting them yelllow!

  14. I'd check your chain tension before practising wheelies any more. That looks suspiciously like the chain climbed the sprocket and f#cked up the push rod good and proper. Also check how worn the countershaft sprocket is whilst you're at it. The chain shouldn't be getting physical with the pushrod.
  15. Yeah your chain tension was sloppy on the memorial ride and I forgot to mention it to ya then.
  16. Thanks roarin. yes i admit it may have been of the reasons possibly explaining why my pushrod snapped, but I found that the clutch cable device thingie was a bit loose, thus not pushing the pushrod laterally but at an angle.

    Anyways, a small update.
    I got a call today, and was told my wheel and forks were ready for me to pick up. I was told my wheel was dodgedly repaired by the previous people, and thus had to be restraightened. My forks were also slightly bent, and so were my triples. I'm hoping I can actually put everything into my SV on the 21st of this month. Damn Uni exams and my mate being uber busy :(

    and while I am at it, I got a few piccies to share!
    Those are my rotors that I have just painted. Being a poor uni student, I couldn't afford to send them off to get professionally painted lol

    Ah yes. Here they are: Neon Blue HEL SS brake lines with purple banjos. EWWW you might say, but I think its PIMPING..... unique :LOL: . I got these made for me right on the spot. My mate is a good friend of the Aussie Distributor of HEL brake lines, so i went over and got to see him measure my bike up and have them custom made for me.

    Anyways, I've been thinking. if i get the front suspension my done. I might as well get the rear shock done. I've been deciding whether to go for a GSXR shock or a ZX10R shock. I guess it's a poor man's alternative to a fully adjustable Ohlins or Elka lol!

    I've read that tHe ZX10R shock is alot easier to install. The GSXR shock requires me to cut through my battery. Both options are a good way to improve the crapiness of the stock SV suspension. I hate having no feedback going down tight and steep downhill 20k hairpins.

    To be honest, this has taken way too long. But I really cannot wait to get this all together. It should be a LOAD of fun at the track. Might need to ride it a few days to get used to it before really giving it some at the track. I'm going to book in my next track day on the 30th of June. Should give me 10 days to set up my own suspension to my own liking. I think it would be a STEEP learning curve, but I'm not afraid to play around in the hills and stopping every 10 minutes to change a setting (be it compression or rebound) to learn the characteristics of it.

    I'm being a bit ambitious, but these are the next few mods on my wish list:
    (1) PCIII
    (2) Velocity stacks!
    (3) Generation 1 SV650 Intake cams on the Exhaust side of my SV
    (4) Full system exhaust
    (5) A/F gauge so I can try tune it myself :LOL:
  17. progress back to square one!

    bike is up for sale :LOL:
  18. Wha happened?
  19. What? Why dude? I was getting excited about this bike.

    Selling the parts? I may take some off ya.
  20. I was being irrational LOL.

    was going to sell to upgrade to a K5 (bright fluro yellow) with 15000km for an extra 300 bucks or a blac SV thou with 12000km for 1000 more.

    So I'm back to doing this. Will however buy a 250 hack to commute to Uni and relegate the SV to weekends and track days.

    :roll: :LOL:

    oh yeah

    And i just bought myself a 06-07 ZX10R shock with 4000km on it for under 160 (including shipping) BARGAIN!