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Suzuki SV650SU

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sith Lord, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Sorry, I didn't want to hijack the other threads which are mainly about other bikes.

    So, has anyone actually bought ones of these LAMS bikes yet? I saw one in a dealer in Canberra with a sold sticker on it, then haven't seen one since.

    Does anyone own one? How does it ride? Power? Comfort? Would love to hear from anyone.
  2. I do know a guy who has bought one. His impressions mirror those given in AMCN with their review of the bike.

    With the exception of the engine tune the bike is the same as the regular SV650S. Ignition is retarded at higher revs to restrict the amount of power produced, meaning that up until about 6500-7000rpm, you have the same amount of power and torque available as on the regualr bike.
  3. A mate of mine who is looking to get back into riding after a break test rode a SV650SU as they didn't have an unrestricted SV650S available for a test.

    He couldn't tell it was restricted and said he could happily own one. Although he probably didn't go over 6-7k during the test ride.
  4. http://www.svdownunder.com/index.php?topic=19257.0;topicseen

    If that doesn't work, search SV650 Lams Review K9 on that site..

    Hope he/she doesn't mind..

  5. Are you serious? I hardly ever rev out past 7k on my SV anyway. Shifting at 6k drops her back into the meaty part of the rev range which is plenty for city riding. I usually shift at 3.5-4k. IMHO a 7k redline would be almost enough for the backroads if you keep dancing on the gear lever. Plenty for a new rider anyway.

    I saw one the other day. The metallic blue and white racing stripe looks wicked.
  6. Nice site. I've got some reading and looking to do.

    Here's my current thoughts. Been on my L's for 8 months riding a VTR250. Got my P's last weekend. Over 30, but in the ACT, so I'm still restricted for 12 months.

    I would like to upgrade to something bigger in physical size and engine size. I do a fair bit of 80-110kmh commuting. I was thinking about buying a LAMS SV650S to satisfy my current craving. In 12 months, I might still be happy with the LAMS, or I would then upgrade to a full spec SV650 (or something else/similar) I'm sure it would hold it's value reasonably well, so I could buy a full spec 12 month old bike for a similar price.

    Will the step up to the LAMS 650 satisfy my urge, or will I not notice too much more than the VTR has got?

    Or would I be better waiting for 12 months and buying a full spec then? Or change my address to my sister's in NSW and buy a full spec one now as there are no restrictions for over 30's in NSW?

    I was also thinking the steps might be a better learning curve - ie: 250, then LAMS 650, then full power 650.

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

  7. Going to the full power 650 is perfectly fine, any bike will do only what you ask of it.

    Me? Well depending on how much the VTR is boring you, your sister's address is looking pretty good.
  8. Hi People,

    I posted the brief review on the sv quoted above. Has any one else here brought one and if so what are your thoughts of the bike?

    My 2 cents is go for the 650. Its a great step up, and not at all boring. I started on a Ninja 250r 08 and was over it in 3 months. The SV has plenty of poke and the way I see it a great learning curve. Jumping from a 250 to a 650 I feel is too bigger jump and can lead us new riders into a false sense of security.

    The faster you go the harder you have to stop/slow down....and then corner...on your side of the road.
  9. The ideal solution IMO - why mess around with another bike you'll only use for a year?

    Don't fret about stepping up from 250 to SV650 - that's natural progression. Remember in the US which doesn't have restrictions for new riders, SV650 is considered a very good and sensible choice for first bike!
  10. Dont mean to hi jack the topic, but who is happy with the front susp set up? And if not are emulators and change of springs the way to go?
  11. havent even got my license yet (new uni teaching grad- lack of funding so far).... big Q is should I go with th sv650su? am saving for new house over next few years- are the savings of buying just the one bike (and upgrading the ecu) worthwhile? will it shit me to tears in the months to come?
  12. i went from a 250, had 12 months off riding, then got an SV650S 2000 model. i dont think the step up is that bad at all. the powers is best low down, the bike isnt much bigger than a 250, and i find it handles fine for what i need, which is mostly commuting. Obviously you dont jump on it, wring its neck then wonder why it threw you off, but as a learner, i think the bike would be fine as a first bike as long as you remember it is a 650 and not a 250. it stops okay, goes well, and isnt really going to bite too hard. the feel from the front is something to be wary of though, as stock it doesnt give you alot of feel, and the back is soft, but predictable. ive had mine for about 12 months, and still giggle like a fool when i ride it, no regrets in buying it at all. as a learner bike, i think it would be fine. id still like to ride a LAMs one to feel the difference though.

    i dunno how they do it now but with the inception of LAMs in VIC, i think it would be nice to see places like HART and stay upright using LAMS approved bike as opposed to 250's on their courses.
  13. Fit a 70 series front tyre to the bike and bring the forks up through the triple clamps about 8mm. That'll sort out the front end feel no end.
  14. As a bike the SV is great, but it all comes down to expectation.......I began riding a new baby ninja 250 and after 2 months I sold it, nearly got all my money back actually! It was just putting me to sleep!

    So it came down to a CB400 or a SV650 - Took both for decent rides and decided the SV was better suited to ME. I like the forward position, and feel that its a slightly quicker bike. Although I have complaints RE the suspension and tyres as well documented. But, purchased some pilot powers and its changed the bike totally. Still soft but sooooo much better.

    Now have confidence and feel that I can tip the bike into a corner, rather than the scarry feeling on the D220s. The front end has more feedback and the rear sticks like u know what.

    As for upgrading the ECU, my personal opinion is that it is going to be difficult to change this bike into a non lams version. Why? -

    - Its compliance plates says LAMS
    - Its rego label says LAMS
    - The insurance company believes its a LAMS bike

    So people can choose to do 1of 3 things

    1. Keep the bike as a LAMS bike and enjoy what most of our predecessors did not - that is a bigger bike with more cubes, enjoy riding what I believe is the best LAMS bike on the market and develop your skills while having a bike that can keep up with the pack, generally speaking. It will be a couple of years before I am riding this bike with the fluency that I would like to have. Also maybe benefit from higher resale? Unsure..

    2. Illegally replace the ECU or piggy back the original and release the ponies locked away. This means if you have an accident it can become a living hell depending on the severity. Police, TAC, VIC Rods, Insurance, Men dressed in Davinci suits with law degrees.....u get the drift.

    3. Re register the bike as a full powered SV650, This would involve your statutory body and lots of paper work / government red tape. Possible but perhaps not worth the drama. Depends on if you love the bike or not.

    This bike is plenty quick for a L. I am not a patient person and very competitive on anything that consumes petrol - And I am happy with the SV.

    If you can afford it purchase it and you will be a happy Learner and better off in the long run for the experience.

    Good Luck!
  15. Still no SV in the show rooms, but took a GSX650FU (is that it??) out for a ride today. I know it's a different engine, but the overall power is sh*# loads more than the 250.

    I am leaning towards buying a LAMS one. I figure buy one now and in 12 months I could sell it and buy the equivilant 12 month old full power SV for the same change over price. Not really worth changing ECU's etc.

    I would still love to see and sit on one in the flesh. Anyone in Canberra or surrounds that owns one?
  16. SVs hold their value pretty well so don't expect to pick pne up for peanuts on the 2nd hand market.
  17. So am I correct in assuming that it is not a simple matter of retuning the SV650SU engine when I'm off my restrictions?
  18. No, from all the dealers I've spoken to (and other forums I've read) it would be a complete change of the ECU for $1,300 or so.

    May as well buy a new bike when the time comes. Surely a 12 month old LAMS bike and a 12 month old full spec bike would go for about the same amount on the used bike market??
  19. It wouldn't be much of an issue, I'd even go into a dealer straight up saying that you want to have the LAMS bike for the period of your restrictions and that at the conclusion of that you want to trade it on a full-spec SV from them. Effectively you're sorting out two deals at once.

    It can be changed over via ECU changes but then you need to get the bike inspected etc etc. which can be a huge PITA.
  20. Thanks for that guys.