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Suzuki SV650SF 2008

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, Oct 8, 2007.

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  2. Only change from the SV650S K7 is the fairing. Looks good although a bit agressive position for an all rounder IMHO.
  3. Stop being an old man pete :p

    Looks awesome, I'm waiting to see if we're going to get it in aus.
  4. Reckon you're right, it would be a good all rounder BUT (isn't there always a but) it is kinda nice to ride something that at least gets one or two second looks while waiting at the lights (or is that just me ?)

    It would be a fantastic unmarked police bike IMO. I mean, who's going to notice it, really ?
  5. just buy the fairing from o/s get them painted and you have the same bike.....it's just the full fairing option which has been around for a couple of years now and there are quite alot of people here that have them now....although being able to buy them straight form the showroom floor will be a bonus :wink:
  6. So all of the new SV650s will be full fairing bikes?
  7. Depends really on whether they're going to keep making the semi naked version. If they are, we might not get the faired version.

    I was planning on getting something around an 05 model and getting the fairings from OS so that I could have something somewhat rare, but nooooo suzuki decides to ruin my plan :)

    Being able to get the fairing in aus will definitely be a great bonus.
  8. It's been possible to (when Suzuki have made them available) to buy the fairing kits for the S versions of both the 650 and the 1000, for a couple of years. I would guess it will be easy to remove the fairings as the semi-faired version will still be sold in other markets.
  9. Yep the SV650SF is one of the two bikes I am condsidering!
    I have had a look at the 2003 service manual and am satisfied with what I see! Standard redline 10,500rpm but with the torque to back it all the way!
    Plenty potential there!

    The other is the old ZZR600 '08! But I don't think the ZZR600 is comming to OZ! slightly lighter that the SV650SF and has more features but not fuel injected! Not a bad thing! but suffers from height sickness!(lack of O2 at altitude manual adjust) (7,299.00US)

    V-twin Vs Inline 4 Hmmmmmm!
    What will the cost be for the SV650SF in OZ? (6,899.00US )
    Will it make it to OZ?
  10. I reckon it'll be like ABS on the SV650. It'll be avail in the rest of the world for a bit b4 the manfacturers remember we're here.
    Then the dealers'll charge us an arm and leg for something that doesn't cost much extra in the rest of the globe.

    Not that I'm cynical :-k

    Have read something about the 650 being upped to a 700 in Europe in the not too distant future. Anyone reckon they'll try and compete with the VFR800?
    I'm sure stranger things must have happened....
  11. The old one WAS 10600+ ORC, but its as low as about 9000+orc at the moment. I'd think the new would would go back up to 11 + ORC.

    ZZR600 hasn't been brought into Australia since they released the new version in 05.

    I'm going to see how much I can get an 07 possibly ex demo will be in january ish time. If not I'll just get an 05/06.
  12. Yep! Just like my GPX I need something practicle for everyday!
    I'm not to keen on ABS!

    Yep I also know about the ZZR replaced by the ER6f but the thing doesn't impress me. It had some frame issues overseas and that mufler thing just makes me want to throw up! The coil packs sit inside the plug well's /stuff that extra expense!

    I'll wait until end of Feb and we will see what happens! I'm not too fussed My quaka and I made it to QLD and back in FEB07. Probably do it again in '08 but will have to see!

  13. ER6f is in NO way a replacement for the zzr600.

    V2 vs I4.

    I really like the er6, the frame thing isn't really established as a problem, its as rare as it is on any other bike really..

    The muffler is pretty quiet, does its job well and is an innovative location, but it is too quiet IMO..
  14. the zzr600 is just an old ZX6R, 02 model i believe. if suzuki introduced a lams version of the full fairing SV650, hyo could kiss its market share in this area goodbye....
  15. Yep, zzr600 is detuned zx6r.
  16. No, idontlikemondays was right, it's just the 02 6R.
  17. From what I heard and read about the ER6 frame problem ,is it can crack when it has crash bungs -- frame sliders -- oggys nobb sort of things on them and it's not good when you drop it ,don't put them on and it's not a problem. :?

    Thats from what I read as I'm considering this bike also.
    Or is there another frame problem?????
  18. ER-6 is a parallel 2 rather than a V, FWIW.
  19. Oh yes, mistype there, i meant I2!! :D

    I'm a regular ninja650.com and the frame issue plain old just doesn't come up, I wouldn't worry about it.

    The main issues with the bike is the fairing and clutch. The fairing has a buzz at certain rpm, but there are warranty fixes for it, but many claim it doesn't eliminate it all. Clutch is somewhat weak, so clutch wheelies aren't going to happen properly.

    The pre-02 zzr600 I've been told was the detuned 6r engine. Don't know about 02+..
  20. Putting aside the Motor configuration it is Kawasaki's only mid ranged full fairing bike they have and thus My conclusion as a replacement to the ZZR600.

    Suzuki has a couple full fairing bikes in their mid range!

    The GSX650F is heavy for its power and a let down in my view! (Where did they go wrong?)

    What else in the mid range of Fully Faired Sport Tourer With a reasonable price?

    As it stands at this moment SV650SF has my Vote Hands Down! For OZ that is!