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suzuki sv650s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Will Hung, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Ran a search and didnt really quench my thirst for knowledge on these bikes. Im looking at getting one as a commuter a few days a week, doing some weekend hooning, looks good/posing :), and not burn too much of a hole in the family budget.

    So knowledgible owners and net riders what are your thoughts?

    Has anyone fitted the lower fairings that seem to be popular in the UK?imo they look great and would love to put some on if there not too much farting around, flimsy and difficult with maintanance.
  2. Don't bother with the fairing kit if you're thinking of the curvy (99-02) model as they look crap on those. They are pretty hot on the 03+ models, you can get them from overseas, but may need to get the mounting kit with them. Once mounted they should be stable and hastle free since they are made by suzuki.

    They are hilariously fun bikes to thrash around on, reasonably fuel efficient (if you leave it stock), sound excellent with an exhaust, good in traffic, easy to maintain, etc.

    I did about 20k kms consisting of twisties, weekend trips, commutting and a few trackdays on my '02 before selling it for a bigger bike, but I have a feeling I'll own another one at some point.

    When selling mine, both guys who were looking were also interested in duc 600 monsters and after riding mine they found it to be alot smoother and refined.

    Ride on with an exhaust and you'll be hooked. Cheap, honest bikes and they can hold their own with a few suspension upgrades.
  3. Thanks phizog. cant wait to take one for a spin.
  4. Have a look at SVdownunder for a wealth of information on them locally. There are also several international websites dedicated to these bikes.
  5. Great bikes and very affordable to own and run. My partner had a '99 and my sister a '00 ie the orginal carby ones. Not sure on the later models but the early ones could do with stiffer front springs (IMHO). I wouldnt bother with the underbelly fairing and they sound awesome with a can. A full system definately makes it spin up quicker too.
  6. Yep they could ALL do with stiffer fork springs (unless you weigh less than 20kg of course).

    I've got an 06 "S", great little budget bike. I wouldn't personally bother with the full farings, just a belly pan (which they also sell overseas) :grin:
  7. Nice bike. It will do all you need.