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Suzuki SV650s vs. SV650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OutCast, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. I'm new to riding ... got my license last weekend - QRide.

    Been shopping around a bit and am somewhat decided on one of these bikes. Just wondering if the more experienced people out there can give me some real world pros and cons of each.

  2. Faired bikes: higher top speed, less wind in your face, better fuel economy on the freeway, keep you drier in the rain.

    Naked bikes: cost less to crash, feel faster at lower speeds, lighter so better acceleration at legal speeds and easier to wheelie.

    I think the riding position's the same between the two models of SV so I reckon that's about it.
  3. Actually, as I understand it the S has clipon bars and the naked one has 'normal' handlebars, so the S has a bit more agressive riding position. That might factor into your decision. I've looked at both, and while I think I probably would prefer the S just for its greater 'tourability', it will come down to which I can find a really nice example of when I have the money. (The naked is usually cheaper.)
  4. fairing 4kgs heavier sv650 165kgs sv650s 169kgs so weight isnt really a factor, but it comes down to what you can get for your dollar, only advantage in the sv650s you get abit off wind off you, you get a sportier feel with more responsive handling well that kinda would make my mind up right there
  5. yeah what those guys said.

    The S has clipons, and the fairing

    The N has the more upright position and no fairings.

    I like the looks of the S personally, but if I had my time (and a lot of money) again I would go the N, drop a new front end on it with lower clip ons.
  6. Nice idea, but wouldn't it be cheaper to simply take the fairing off and install some new lights on the S?

    Oh, and the S version is also geared slightly higher, so quite a different ride.
  7. For what it's worth, I've read many times that some people find the clip-ons on the S give them very sore wrists...

    I'm going to buy one or the other in a couple of months too, but until I give them a test ride I'm not sure which one.
  8. Well ... Ive gone with the S ... its getting a mech. check done today.

    2002 - I know no EFI... don't really careP :
    less than 10000kms
    looks in GREAT nic.


    Looking around it seems to be a great deal.

    Thanks for your comments.
  9. Congrats man, enjoy... and let us know how it goes. I'm facing the same decision in a few months.
  10. The S model also has higher foot pegs.

    The newer n models come with a fly screen, and you can get them after market. That said i love mg 03 model s.....

    try www.svdownunder.com for more info
  11. Yet another difference. The s has different suspension to the naked, the naked being 'softer' on the front , so I'm told.
  12. I have an sv650s and love it...riding position more upright on the naked version if you prefer not to be slightly tipped forward. I'm 5'10 and find the position fine, but a smaller mate rode it while I was in uk and found it hurt her neck on long commutes...but beautiful bike to ride, really responsive and best debt i ever got myself into :grin:

    Edit: Congrats on the purchase :grin:
    Port 80 will be well jealous - he's looking around for one at the moment :grin: