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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tmg, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. what's the difference between them? I wanna know coz there's one on Bikesales for 6,500 bucks and I am think bout getting it...

    Anyway, I wanna know what they're all about in terms of power and handling. If anyone rides or has riden both and can offer some advice, that'd be sweet. :cool:

  2. They are two very different bikes. The sv is more of a sports touring bike. V-twin, so it doesn't have the top end rush of the gsxr but gets it's grunt lower in the range. Probably be more comfortable on the sv for long periods.
    Have a look on bikepoint for a review of the sv, I think they've got a couple. It'll give you an idea of what it's about.
    Most of the people I've seen with one have been pretty happy with them.
  3. Just about everything except they both have 2 wheels and are around 600cc.

    The SV650 is a twin and has about 70 - 80 HP at a guess and the GSXR is a sports bike goes very quick and has a lot more power than a SV650. SVs are I am told an excellent bike in handling and pretty good over a distance. GSXRs are made for racing and will not usually be as comfortable over any distance over say 3 hours or less.

    Good luck mate do a bit of googling to check reviews.
  4. thanx fellas will have a search and see what I can come up with. I would like a bit more top-end tho. but for a first bike it might be good.

    I got a bunch of guys I can ask questions about these bikes to. thanks again.
  5. never riden a SV but can tell u now that a gsxr 600 is great and fast
    it handles very well and is comfy for a sports
    and like steve said not good for long distance...
    but good for a good 2 odd hours of riding :grin:
    oh yeah i own a gsxr 600 if ur wondering :grin: :grin:
  6. I got the sv1000s in march ..and I love it. I am happy with the longer comfort ride range.. and feck it sounds good with my remus pipes with the baffles lying on my bedroom floor.. hahah
  7. And oh yeah.. I would love to take a bash on a gsxr 600 as they look sexy as hell.. hehe.. wish I had both ..
  8. i have an old gsxr 600 and for a first bike i'd say go the sv. even my old gixxer which has around 90 hp would be helluva handfull straight up :shock:
  9. any offers on the shottie on a 600?.. heheh
  10. Yeah I sat on a gixxer 600 the other day and even just sitting on it I could feel my back getting sore - being so tall doesn't help.

    BTW Are the sitting stances different depending on the year of the bikes manufacture? This is something I wanna know because I sat on the Gixxer at another bike dealer and it felt fine :?

    I have yet to try a SV650S but I am looking forward to it. I may even try an R6, but I am not a rev head and do need a bike that has enough power to move me but not enough to kill me, hence the small desire to get the SV650S.

    Once I get a bike I will save a considerable amount on fuel? correct me if I am wrong...I just wanna get my license and a bike so I can escape and go for a ride whenever I feel like it and whenever it's not raining! :grin:
  11. I had an 01 GSXR600 and that was great. It was a hoot to ride, but the biggest complaint I have is that I couldn't ride to the bike's full potential because of speed limits, road conditions and cagers. I didn't get to a race rack when I owned it, so I can't comment there.

    I now own an 02 SV650S, and that is a hoot to ride too. It's two totally different riding styles, this is a more laid back, power all through the rev range, comfortable seating.

    If you are going to do track days a lot, go the GSXR, if you spend time on the bike doing long trips, I'd say the SV......but it all comes down to what you feel most comfortable on.

  12. So ...

    What did you get? I'm looking at an SV650 and would like to know what I should look out for? Is there a common complaint with the SVs?

    Please do tell which one you chose and why

    Paul "Ride like everyone else is trying to kill you!"
  13. I haven't heard anything bad about the SV650/SV650s at all man. all the owners that are selling them on bikesales.com.au always say they're great bikes, and the only reason they're selling them is because of family commitments.

    So HOOK IN BRUDDA!!!, I am trying as hard as I can to save my money so I can get one sometime next year. I will most likely be getting finance tho. so I may just save up the deposit for it then pay it off. But my first goal is to get my riding gear, then seeing that every day will make me want to save even more money so I can get my Bike. :grin:

    I got a plan, now I've got to stick to it like nothing else matters. :)
  14. The only problem with SVs are the regulator/rectifier. On some bikes they have a tendancy to cook themself because they were installed in a great location. Most owners would have moved them by now and have not had a problem since then.

    Other than that, they are pretty much bullet proof. Look out for all the normal things on a used bike and go from there!
  15. tmg did you end up going with the SV650s? I've got my eyes on one at the moment...
  16. tmg did you end up going with the SV650s? I've got my eyes on one at the moment...
  17. I have ridden both (and currently own a GSXR600 aswell as a ZX6R... the gixxer is for sale in the for sale section right now actually)...

    The SV650 can be a lot of fun to ride, the midrange torque is great if you have just jumped over from a 600cc gixxer, but it loses out in the top end... it is a bit more comfortable than the gixxer (but the two hour limit people are giving is a bit extreme! sheesh ya wussies).

    Both bikes can be an endless source of fun and there is no reason you should be left behind on the SV... the limit of the bike is higher than the limit of most riders...

    But yeah, previous posters have got it right... the two are completely different bikes...

    V-twins (two cylinders in a V formation)= More torque, less power up top.
    Inline 4's (the gixxer) = less power at the bottom but a lot more up the top.

    If you want to hoon... get the gixxer....
    if you want to do some hooning but mostly tour, get the SV

    By the way, the SV's sound hot with an after market can....
  18. Nah haven't gotten an SV650 yet, but it's on the cards. reason behind me not getting one is that I am getting my dads old CB750 and fixing it up, and riding this will teach me heaps before I get the SV650/s.

    But get one man, they're sooo cool to ride! :D
  19. Riding a V-Twin will be a bit more relaxing as well, as you can hold the bike in gear longer due to the better torque.

    I'd lean torwards the SV, and then after a while, if you think you can use the extra rush of the in-line four, see how you go on that.

    And any 600cc bike has more than neough power to kill you :shock:
  20. Yeah i wonder why poeple go out a buy litre bikes, you don't need them and like you just said, any 600cc bike has the power to kill someone and I believe that as well, but the SV is a bike I would love to own, once i get sick of this CB750.