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suzuki sv650s handlebar risers?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by drjay555, May 14, 2011.

  1. hi there
    just got a 2007 Suzuki SV650ABS full faired version. Does anyone have any experience/ideas about handlebar risers for the faired version?
    thanks a ton..

  2. thanks mate
    will give them a call and see what they say
  3. So basically you want to change the handlebars on your sv650s to something similar to the unfaired version? Is it possible for you just to get a pair of sv650 handlebars (from a wrecker?) and replace the standard ones?
  4. How high do you want to go,
  5. It would be great if the bars would go up at least 3 inches ! Right now they are low as a sports bikes. I have found a couple of solutions at Convertibars and Gilles Tooling.... problem is anything that raises the bars that high needs either change of the triple clamp and all the cables as well. I was hoping someone who had actually done the conversion may offer tips and ideas based on their experience. Cheers
  6. You're welcome. I was in the same position except I was looking to go low whereas you're looking to go up.
    As you have also found the Convertibars and Variobars will both do what you are after.

    From my correspondence with Convertibars I believe they recently underwent a restructure & you'll need to order the bars online which isn't a problem.

    Gilles Tooling are local in Melbourne (Hoppers Crossing) where you will get the chance to unscrew your stock bars and try on the variobars or I'm sure they could also fit it for you as well to see whether you're fully happy with it. They may also stock risers.

    The good thing with both of these bars is that in the future if you'd prefer to go up, down, forward or back more you can do it with a simple click. Which brings me to your next issue of cable lengths. Fortunately I went down and my stock cabling did the job albeit is a tad more bunched up. As you want to go up 7.5cm this may not be the case and you may need to order longer throttle/brake cables. While you're at it if you'd like you could go for braided brake lines from Hel Performance or ebay. http://www.helperformance.com.au/store/
    I was going to get braided brake lines but as my bike is abs they don't stock them and the only way to get them done is to take the stock cables and have the factory copy them. Seeing yours is abs you may also need to go down the same path.
  7. You'd probably need to get a new top yoke, I don't imagine any bike that comes with stock clip ons will have the capacity to accept 'bar risers without modification. Probably easier and cheaper to get adjustable clip ons.
  8. One of the SV forums had a detailed writeup on how to change from the S to the naked setup including which cables were required & how to route them to the bars. Heaps of photos also & most parts would be readily available.

    Don't forget Helibars either. A forum member had them on her SV650S & it made a difference. Stock cables can be used.

  9. I've got Helibars on the SV650S first generation. They're very nice. Upright enough I don't get sore but still sporty so you can get in and carve corners and tucking down behind the windscreen.

    From what I can see on my bike. Cable lengths are fine for this setup but the primary brake line between the master cylinder and fluid distribution block has been replaced as I can only assume the standard one is too short.